Rightwing Zionism Has Appropriated the Same Tactics Once Used Against Them

A perfect example from Twitter today:

Erasing people from history is exactly what fascists (ie. Nazis) have done throughout history. By claiming that the Palestinians have no claims to the land of Palestine, they are in essence rendering them invisible and unworthy of rights, land, autonomy or sovereignty.

Of course, any such similar propaganda against them would have them screaming “anti-semitism” and rightly so. This calls for the hashtag #itsnotracismwhenwedoit

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4 Comments on “Rightwing Zionism Has Appropriated the Same Tactics Once Used Against Them”

  1. Ariva Says:

    I am Israeli and I can tell you that the government has been using Twitter and Facebook to spread their Likud hasbara about Palestinians knowing that your media will use it as a source for their journalism. It’s important to confront these efforts on twitter and get the facts out.


    • Stacy Says:

      Hi Ariva-

      Yes, I have heard Israel has just put aside a huge amount of $$ to use social networking to spread their message. While I don’t agree with the message and it certainly should be rebutted with facts where necessary, pretty much every government is turning to social media so it’s not surprising Israel is increasing their social media presence.


  2. Ali Arriyaba Says:

    Of course there was a location known as Palestine and there are people who identify as Palestinians. This propaganda by Israel and some in the U.S. is poison. Jews complain that they have been oppressed (they have been) and are threatened with being destroyed and yet they would do to Palestinians what was done to them?


  3. Stacy Says:

    Yes Ali, I’ve noticed of late there is a big PR effort from the Lobby and the Israeli government to re-write history in such a way as to try to convince people, Americans mostly, that the Palestinians have no historical right to the land. Thus, the argument goes, any inch of land “given” to them by Israel is really just a gift for which they should be grateful.

    Here is an excellent recent example that appeared on HuffPo written by the head of the American Jewish Committee:


    There are certainly elements of history which are up for interpretation, but to say David Harris’ version is 60% propaganda is being generous.

    They are playing a dangerous game by doing this. It’s one thing to simply argue that Israel faces threats from its neighbors but it’s quite another for the heads of major Jewish organizations to try to erase Palestinians from history to justify ethnic cleansing.


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