Gleefullyl Marching Right Into Bibi Netanyahu’s Trap

It’s not often that I agree with Andrew Sullivan, but I give him credit for writing this, given that criticizing Israel is something that the media frowns upon. Excerpt:

The logical next step would surely be to take the US out of the equation. We have become an enabler of Israeli intransigence, and the last two years have proven nothing except that Obama’s hands are tied and that Israel and the US Congress run this relationship, as Netanyahu has memorably bragged about in the past. The promise of Cairo has been sabotaged by the Netanyahu government, the AIPAC Democrats, the AIPAC Republicans and the Christianist base. Continuing to keep up the charade that the US government has some kind of leverage or even appeal with the Israeli government is getting more than a little ridiculous.

Moreover, the days when the US could both back Israel in everything and keep the Arab world’s dictators and even democracies appeased is fast coming to an end. The Arab Spring is not just a reckoning for Irsael; it is a reckoning for the US-Israel relationship.


If Israel continues to settle the West Bank, and the US refuses to take any concrete action to stop it, or is revealed as having no power to stop it, then the US will perforce appear much weaker on the world stage, we will alienate our European allies, lose a critical opportunity to re-engage the Muslim and Arab world, and damage our credibility with emerging Arab democracies. If the UN vote comes and the US is one of very few countries backing Israel’s continued occupation, then the Jihadist blowback will be just as serious. It is well past time for us to acknowledge the obvious: Israel’s current intransigence is posing a serious threat to the interests of the US and the security of its citizens.

There’s nothing really earth-shattering or new about anything Sullivan wrote but it’s good to see someone actually write it.

The frustrating part is, things just seem to be getting worse and the Obama administration is partly to blame. Yes, Congress is in AIPAC’s pocket but just last week the State Dept. nixed France’s efforts to re-launch peace negotiations- a bid that the Palestinians accepted. I wrote about that here. And why would the Obama administration do that? Because they are terrified that another country might step in an be an actual honest broker. Israel doesn’t want any other country but the U.S. overseeing peace negotiations and the reasons why are obvious- the U.S. isn’t a mediator, we are Israel’s advocate and protector.

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2 Comments on “Gleefullyl Marching Right Into Bibi Netanyahu’s Trap”

  1. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    Nothing in the Sullivan piece you hadn’t already said a year ago!


  2. Stacy Says:

    Yes, but I don’t write for Daily Beast or Atlantic, sadly. It’s good to see some high profile writers – even those I don’t like- say this stuff out loud.


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