This Just In: A Negotiated Agreement Would Ruin the Peace That Currently Exists in Jerusalem

So says Israeli President Shimon Peres. It’s a real head-scratcher of a comment and quite frankly, it really demonstrates just how privileged Israeli Jews have become despite (or because of?) the Occupation.

As usual, it takes an independent Israeli media outlet, +972, to call bullshit on Peres’ claim:

President Shimon Peres has this observation to offer today during a visit to the Bedouin township of Houra:

“People are living and working peacefully, and there are also mishaps, but if they try to put it into writing, a world war will break. Practically speaking, there is already peace in Jerusalem, anyone who will try to turn it into an agreement will ruin everything. All faiths and all the prayers rise up together, and the government doesn’t intervene.”

I suppose the takeovers of Palestinian property in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah, proto-fascist parades with chants of “death to Arabs” and the aggressive building of settlements are all mishaps, while the relentless ban on males under 40 to prayer at Temple Mount, and the barring of Gaza Muslims and Christians to worship at the city’s holy sites, don’t really come up to a “government intervention” into the matters of the three faiths.


Peres’ statement is a reminder that the two state solution is dead because the Palestinians can’t give up their claim to E. Jerusalem and he knows it, never mind that Peres is supposed to be the more moderate politician among his fellow coalition partners (Netanyahu, Lieberman etc.) It’s also a reminder of the incredible power imbalance between the Palestinians and Israelis, which makes the U.S. insistence on throwing all of its considerable weight behind Israel all the more ridiculous.

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