Honest Broker Update *updated*

see update below

Does Dennis Ross think we are all stupid?

As long as Obama has the Israel Firster and Friend of Bibi, Dennis Ross, in charge of negotiations, you can bet the settlements will continue, the Israelis will be coddled and the Palestinians blamed for everything.

Change You Can Believe In!

UPDATE:J-Post has removed this article from its web site which is why if you click on the above link it takes you just to their homepage and not the Ross article. Interesting, huh? A few foreign policy folks on Twitter alerted me to the fact it was taken down and they are questioning whether J-Post misquoted Ross or whether there is some other inaccuracy in the article. The reason I highlighted the article is because it quoted Ross as saying, allegedly, that the key to negotiations was the demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist, which of course they have already done.

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5 Comments on “Honest Broker Update *updated*”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    You know Dennis Ross is an asshat. He’s an Israel Lobby stooge and the fact that he essentially seems to be in charge of Mideast peace for the Obama admin- at Bibi’s request- speaks VOLUMES about Obama. If he had really wanted to be more of an honest broker he’d have sidelined Ross, not promoted him.

    For anyone who isn’t familiar with Ross’ long and storied career being Israel’s advocate in peace negotiations, just google “Dennis Ross & Israel’s Lawyer.” He lives in Jerusalem, ran some Jewish group opposed to assimilation (marriage) between Jews and non-Jews and has bragged about how during previous administrations he ensured that Israel never had to stop settlement construction during so-called peace talks. He’s also obsessed with Iran, just like the entire I-Lobby is.

    What has Ross accomplished for the Obama administration on mideast peace? Things are worse than they were before and Ross’ friend Bibi just humiliated the Pres. of the U.S. while a guest at the WH.

    Stacy has said this before and I agree- Obama and Hillary need to stop listening to the neocons like Shapiro, Ross etc. and start listening to people like Dan Levy and Steve Clemmons.

    And where are all the women? Why aren’t there more women involved in Mideast peace negotiations?

    BTW, you may have heard but the new State Dept. spokesperson is a neocon, Republican (woman)- so what is the message they are sending with that. I don’t know if Obama picked her or Hillary did. Her name escapes me at the moment.

    I don’t like reading about how Hillary didn’t like PJ Crowley- it gives me an uneasy feeling. That profile of Philippe Reines (her long-time communications person) made clear that Reines had a real problem with Crowley and apparently Hillary wouldn’t bring Crowley on foreign trips. None of that sits well with me. Not sure why- probably because Crowley was the only one to stand up against inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning and he got fired for it.

    Sorry. I’m rambling.


  2. thainjacobs Says:

    Salaam Fayyad on the Palestinians recognizing Israel:

    Fayyad reminded the audience that, under the Oslo accords, “we recognized Israel’s existence. Actually, we did more than just recognize Israel’s existence back in 1993″:

    It was a lot more profound than just recognizing Israel’s existence. We had recognized then Israel’s “right to exist in peace and security.” It’s a very high form of recognition, if you will. Mutual recognition among nations is typically not that way. Countries recognize each other, members of the United Nations, and life goes on. In this particular case, we Palestinians, through the PLO, acting on behalf of all Palestinian people, in the occupied Palestinian territory and everywhere, recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace and security.

    In passing, let me tell you what we got in return at the time. You’d think that in return for this recognition, we’d have gotten recognition on the part of Israel, the government of Israel, of our right to statehood, as Palestinian people. I think it’s only logical to think that way. That wasn’t the case. If you actually review the so-called declaration…of mutual recognition, you will find that actually, on the Israeli side, it involved Israel recognizing the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people, that’s all. That is all. You recognize a country’s right to exist in peace and security, and the way that country chooses to define itself as a product of that country’s own internal political processes, I mean, that’s more than any country can be expected — we’re not even yet a country, and we’re not promised to be one in the context of that declaration — more than any country can be expected to offer.

    Fayyad also noted that this demand was not an element of the peace talks between either Jordan and Israel or Egypt and Israel. “Nor am I aware of that being a demand or expectation of any other nation around the world,” he said.

    Speculating as to why the demand was introduced, Fayyad said “If it is intended to deal the refugees issue out of the equation, then let’s address that for what it is. Refugees is an element of the so-called permanent status issues, one of those issues that needs to be negotiated.” If the intention was to preempt the refugee issue, “then it’s a clear attempt at taking one issue out of negotiations,” Fayyad said, “a way to neutralize it before you begin negotiations. That would not be right.”

    Everyone in the U.S., including the media, should be forced to watch this video where Fayyad says/talks about the above (see 49:25 where he talks about why he thinks Israel and the US have put in the new demand that they not only recognize Israel, but recognize it as Jewish state)

    The whole video is worth watching but it’s more than an hour long- but worth it.


  3. Stacy Says:

    Thanks for the info. Thain. I’ll watch that video later when I have a chunk of time to do so. I was familiar with the PA’s recognition of Israel- something which the media NEVER points out. Nor do they point out the Arab League offered full normalization of relations with Israel. Most Americans have no idea about any of that- if they did they might view the Palestinians more favorably and might think the Israelis have prioritized land over peace. And if that were the case then our politicians might actually HAVE to be more of an honest broker rather than simply pandering to the Lobby. We can’t have THAT!

    Ross helped found AIPAC’s sister organization, WINEP. From his wikipedia page:

    In the mid-1980s Ross co-founded with Martin Indyk the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)-sponsored Washington Institute for Near East Policy (“WINEP”).[5] His first WINEP paper called for appointment of a “non-Arabist Special Middle East envoy” who would “not feel guilty about our relationship with Israel.

    I read that during the Reagan and then Clinton years (Bush I notwithstanding) the State Dept. was “purged” of people with Arabist views. Perhaps that explains why so many people at the highest levels are essentially part of the Israel Lobby? This helps explain why our foreign policy on Mideast peace seems to totally discount the viewpoint of the Palestinians. Then you have someone like Ross, with dual US-Israeli citizenship, known for his rather anti-Palestinian sentiments and, well, it all goes downhill from there in the honest broker department.


  4. AaronBrock Says:

    Twitter is abuzz with this story- good catch. The foreign policy tweeters want to know if Ross was misquoted or whether they pulled the article because some of you guys immediately noticed Ross was lying. If you are looking for the original article I think +972 has it. I wonder if Ross or someone in the admin. asked it to be pulled?


  5. AaronBrock Says:

    Good catch with this article. It was pulled down pretty quick so you must have found it early today. Foreign policy tweeters want to know why it was pulled by JPost- some are saying the admin. may have asked it to be pulled or Israel because it catches Ross in an outright lie and discusses internal deliberations. So far JPost hasn’t said why it was pulled. If you want to get the original back I think +972 has it on their website.


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