Palestinian Teenager Describes Life Under Occupation

The more I read/hear the viewpoints of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories the more it becomes obvious that these are not people consumed with hatred for Jews, but rather people who just want some modicum of dignity, autonomy, justice and a place to call home. Are there some people who harbor discriminatory views? Yes, there are extremists who regurgitate hate and promote violent resistance, but we know a lot about them because they are the ones that the U.S. media obsessively focuses on. In fact, we know a bit too much about them, to the exclusion of all others. What we don’t hear are voices like this one:

Under Israeli law, it is illegal for me to live in the West Bank. More accurately, if I am discovered to be living there, my blue Israeli identification card may be taken away, and replaced by a West Bank ID card. Meanwhile, Jewish settlers are allowed to come from all over the world and settle legally (under Israeli law) in the Palestinian West Bank.

I am a Palestinian who lives in the occupied eastern part of Jerusalem. I am required to carry around my blue Israeli identification card, which permits me to cross checkpoints daily from my house in Jerusalem to my school in Ramallah and back. Carrying the blue identification card enables me to travel “freely” across the West Bank and 1948 Palestine [modern-day Israel – eds.],while those carrying West Bank and Gaza ID cards are not able to leave those areas without special Israeli issued permits. The blue ID is often viewed as a privilege. Yet for me, carrying this blue ID card is more of a curse than it is a blessing.

I am not a full citizen of the state of Israel. Neither am I a full citizen of the Palestinian Authority. I am not even Jordanian. I do not hold any official nationality nor am I allowed to hold any. I carry an Israeli semi-passport and a “temporary” Jordanian-issued semi-passport. Living under these circumstances is unbearable.


We Jerusalem residents live under the threat of losing our Jerusalem ID cards if the Israeli authorities find out that we have a house in the Palestinian West Bank. In effect, this means we are not allowed to live in the West Bank. But it is not at all easy for us to buy or rent a property to live in inside Israel – the laws of the apartheid state of Israel make it extremely hard to obtain a permit to build a house, or renovate an already existing house anywhere. All around Eastern Jerusalem, residents struggle to obtain building permits to fit their new family members in, while a Jewish person can easily obtain a permit and build a whole residential compound to fit few family members. All of this, I believe, is a part of the plan to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem and Palestine of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians alike.

On the other hand, carrying the Jerusalem ID does not allow us to obtain any other worldwide nationality! If Israeli apartheid authorities find out that a person with a Jerusalem ID has a foreign passport (For example: Canadian or American), they will take away his ID, deport him, and confiscate his property.

The racial bias is extremely annoying. Jewish citizens of Israel are permitted to carry many foreign passports and nationalities along with his Israeli passport. An Israeli Jew might carry an American passport, a German passport, a French passport, and a Belgium passport along with his Israeli passport, while an Arab citizen carrying a Jerusalem ID is not able to even carry a Palestinian passport or a full Israeli passport, as if we are non-existent humans. Further, the Israeli government claims that settlements are needed to supply room for “natural growth” (increasing family size) and the increasing Jewish population; yet the increase of the Arab population is not met with any extra housing of any type. Arabs are not even allowed to add an extra room to their houses due to Israeli laws.

My father has always told me our struggle with holding this identification card is a struggle of existence. Giving up this ID card to move somewhere else would be giving up our eternal right in the land of Palestine and Jerusalem. Jerusalem was never meant to be for any specific people, race, or religion. Jerusalem is the holy city that accepts people from all around the globe and from all different religions!

I will not accept being treated as an inferior citizen, I demand equality in living. Jerusalem is my city, I am an existing human being who demands human rights, as any other citizen living in any other country in the world. Palestinians exist. We have the right to exist and travel freely in our land without worrying every minute about being expelled just for where we have chosen to live.

Imagine if Americans were exposed to differing views on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Imagine if Palestinians were actually treated as human beings by the U.S. media rather than caricatures mirroring our own ignorance and fear. The irony is that we expect the Palestinians to live in a manner which we ourselves would never tolerate. If we were faced with similar circumstances we would rise up, violently if necessary, to reclaim our rights.

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2 Comments on “Palestinian Teenager Describes Life Under Occupation”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Those damn terrorists! I mean, you can just hear the hatred dripping from his voice.



  2. IsraelForever Says:

    Oh please cry me a river. He’s 18 years old, not some little kid. If he’s not a terrorist yet then he will be later. Better to deal with them now before they strap a suicide vest on. This is just another anti-Israel screed. Referring to Israel as an apartheid state just shows his contempt for Israel and the Jews who live there. It also shows that the person who runs this blog has similar contempt and is anti Israel.

    Arabs in Israel have it better than they do in any other Arab state but all they do is complain. If Israel is so bad why don’t they go to Jordan or Egypt and be happy?

    According to his little story above he has two homes, one in Jerusalem and one in the West Bank and he’s complaining he can’t be a resident of both? That’s his big problem? He admits he can move around freely so I’m not sure what he’s complaining about.

    Jews have a right to build in Jerusalem and to say we don’t is racist. Shame on you


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