Link Dump: Terrorism, Pinkwashing and the Flotilla

Here are a few stories that I found via Twitter that caught my attention:

~The conservative Israeli news site Ynet thinks that Western intellectuals have a lot of Israeli Jewish blood on their hands. While that certainly may have been the case in Vichy France, he conveniently left out the role that Jewish terrorism played in the state of Israel’s founding and also the American blood on Israel’s hands. He wrongfully equates nonviolent Palestinian resistance with terrorism (his reference to Roberto Vecchioni) and confuses hatred of the Occupation with hatred of all Jews- an annoying conflation that may actually result in a rise in anti-Semitism in the long run. That’s not to say that there isn’t rabid anti-Semitism that lingers around, but by ignoring Israel’s crimes and only focusing on those who have wronged Israel, he is guilty of the same sort of extremist, self-selective thinking that plagues countries like Saudi Arabia who denounce the treatment of Palestinians all the while oppressing their own people.

~The West’s obsession with Lesbians in the Middle East is condescending and self-serving. The idea that glbt folks in Arab countries need us to speak for them is rather colonial. Also see here.

~There’s a lot of controversy in the glbt community about Pinkwashing by Israel.

~The aid ships (Flotilla) is on its way to Gaza so expect the U.S. government and the media to be ramping up their propaganda efforts should Israel again use excessive force against the Flotilla. Richard Silverstein has put a lie to the propaganda that is already starting to crop up in the media and on the internet here and here.

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