IDF on Twitter

I am constantly amazed at how the Israeli government conducts itself at times. Their propaganda campaigns are so shameless and quite honestly, immature, if such a word can be used to describe a sovereign state.

While every country engages in propaganda, including the U.S., the WH, Defense Dept. and State Dept usually use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a relatively responsible manner. I have no idea what they do behind the scenes. But with Israel, their use of social networking to get their message out is bizarre- for example, they don’t sound like a sovereign nation in their tweets but rather a [very bad] public relations firm. Or worse, they sound like China or North Korea in their endless effort to demonize anyone who criticizes them.

In addition, they are constantly tweeting out things like arrests of Palestinian teens and efforts to “delegitimize the Jewish state” while trying to make it sound as though each kid that throws a stone at a heavily armed IDF soldier is a terrorist who poses an imminent threat to their very existence. Can you imagine the U.S. government tweeting about every arrest or suspected criminal? First of all, there would be privacy issues even w/o revealing personal information. It would also just be seen as inappropriate.

Here’s a recent tweet from the Israeli Defense Forces and this is rather mild but given I was on Twitter when they sent it out (and I follow them) I thought it was a good example of how they use social media:

Rather than sounding like a country that is independent, self-sustaining and able to contribute something to the international community, they continually play the victim, engage in endless propaganda to demonize anyone who dares to criticize their policies and perhaps most annoying, they seem to not be able to do anything without the U.S. propping them up and protecting them.

Man up, Israel.

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One Comment on “IDF on Twitter”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    This goes to your point- I read that for the upcoming flotilla the IDF is going to bring military photographers with them to capture any resistance on film. Don’t the people on the flotilla have a right to resist if they are attacked in international waters?

    With Israel it is always about propaganda. Did they ever think its their polices that are the problem and not how they are presented to the world.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with those on the Flotilla- may they be safe and make it to Gaza without being slaughtered.


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