OT: Mental Health Break: John Stewart on Fox News Sunday

This is good. I wonder if Chris Wallace realizes how clueless and out of touch he sounds? There is just nothing cool about Chris Wallace- not his voice, not his clothes and not that bizarre thing on top of his head.

The media is only as liberal as the huge corporate interests that own them.

‘Nuff said.

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5 Comments on “OT: Mental Health Break: John Stewart on Fox News Sunday”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Chris Wallace is a joke. He obviously thinks he’s caught Stewart in some gotcha traps but he just doesn’t get it. The media is fascinated and jealous of Stewart but they don’t seem to get that he’s a comedian. The notion that he should be held “accountable” like the MSM misses the mark. Comedy has a long history of using political satire- the best SNL skits are always political. Wallace also doesn’t seem to get that Stewart also goes after Democrats with abandon, something that the Righties can’t understand. He basically calls out stupidity where he sees it and is an equal opportunity offender.

    How can anyone at Fox take themselves seriously?

    I had a hard time during the 2008 primaries because so many Hillary supporters were singing the praises of Fox News- No Quarter, Hillbuzz etc. Fox ALWAYS has an agenda and while it was nice to see Hillary seemingly get a fair shake I was suspicious. Does Fox News really respect Hillary or were they trying to split the Democratic vote by pitting Obama supporters against Hillary supporters? I think the latter. Not that we needed any help on that front- we did a good job of tearing each other apart on our own and I’ll admit to taking part in that. But jesus to this day PUMAS are still running around calling everyone who doesn’t hate Obama’s guts an “Obot” and mindless Obama supporters refuse to admit that he does anything but walk on water.


    • Carolyn-Rodham Says:

      You’re right, Thain. I remember how much I loathed MSNBC and CNN in 2008, and found myself tuning into FOX simply because they were willing to hammer Obama and were more respectful in tone towards Hillary. Embarassing to think about that now!
      Stewart does have a liberal bias, let’s face it, but he has always been more even-handed than either FOX or MSNBC. Plus, he’s really, really smart. He was running circles around Wallace. I especially loved his sort-of backhanded compliment that FOX hired Wallace to lend an air of news legitimacy to programming that could otherwise only be characterized as talk radio.


      • Stacy Says:

        Yes, well Stewart at least admits his comedy is informed by his ideology/politics and of course, he is a comedian, not an actual journalist, so we can’t really hold him to the same standard.

        Unlike a lot of folks on the right, John Stewart also can be an equal opportunity offender- he can be brutal to the Dems too when they do/say dumb stuff.

        I think what really annoys the media is that THEY are the most frequent target of his comedic criticism and he’s pretty much right on the mark and they know it.

        Also, it’s not really Jon Stewarts fault that the right has no uber-intelligent, likeable, funny comedians on the right of his caliber. The right doesn’t seem to understand that it’s possible to do political satire without being hateful and mean- it’s one of the reasons Stewart is so well-liked and not just by liberals- he simply is NOT a mean guy. When the right targets the left, they don’t seem to be able to do it without being hateful, racist, homophobic, islamophobic etc.


  2. discourseincsharpminor Says:

    Chris Wallace is like a relic from another time. I just imagine him getting into his 1976 Lincoln and going home to put on a Lawrence Welk record or something.

    Comedy is a personal business. It’s observations from the comedian’s point of view. The bias found in his material is not that of the monolithic “left” or “far left” that FOX loves to whine about – it’s his own personal views on things. Stacy’s right, Jon Stewart is funny without being mean and that’s why he’s so successful.


    • Stacy Says:

      Yes, it really pisses off the right that Stewart is so popular. They chalk it up to a big liberal media conspiracy but while Stewart certainly is liberal and doesn’t try to hide that, he can be very hard on the Democrats and the media. The Right is incapable of that- they are blinded by their hatred of all things liberal so the idea of being funny while also being respectful and also even-handed is foreign to them.

      BTW, glad you made your way over here!


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