Once Again, State Dept. Has to Waste Time Fixing Israel’s Mess

This is really frustrating. As if Secretary Clinton and the State Dept. don’t have enough to do without having to hold Israel’s hand and prod Israeli-Turkish relations into the “good” category. Then of course there is the time Secretary Clinton and other diplomats in the State Dept. have spent trying to strong-arm Turkey into preventing the upcoming Flotilla from heading to Gaza. As I wrote before, this is not our issue- this is between Turkey and Israel and it’s yet another example of how Israel can’t even conduct basic diplomatic relations without the U.S. taking charge. It’s time for Israel to realize that actions have consequences and it’s time for the U.S. to realize the same thing- Israel will never change it’s behavior if the Obama administration is going to keep mopping up the mess.

From Haaretz:

Israeli and Turkish officials have been holding secret direct talks to try to solve the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, a senior official in Jerusalem said. The negotiations are receiving the Americans’ support.


In addition, the U.S. administration has held talks with senior Turkish officials, mainly to foil the flotilla to Gaza due later this month, but also in a bid to improve relations with Israel.

On Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to her Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu and expressed satisfaction with the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s announcement that the ship the Mavi Marmara would not take part in the flotilla this time around, officials said.

Haaretz also had an article several weeks ago saying that the State Dept. was willing to use the Mideast peace process as bait to try to get Turkey to sabotage the Flotilla (which includes about 20 ships btw, not just the Mavi Marmara).

This is not the best use of the State Department’s time.

Oh but remember, according to Jackson Diehl and Jennifer Rubin, the Obama administration is hostile to Israel!

Didn’t Secretary Clinton and her husband Bill take part in nonviolent protests against the Vietnam War back in the day? Civil disobedience has a long and respected history of playing a key role in bringing about positive change on the human rights front and for some groups, it’s either that or violence, so which would we have the Palestinians choose?

I have a feeling if Gandhi showed up and became a supporter of nonviolent Palestinian resistance the Obama administration, the Lobby and the media would label him a “delegitimizer.”

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2 Comments on “Once Again, State Dept. Has to Waste Time Fixing Israel’s Mess”

  1. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    “…the State Dept. was willing to use the Mideast peace process as bait to try to get Turkey to sabotage the Flotilla.”

    What would be in it for Turkey, exactly?

    [OT except for the techno-challenged: how do I sign up to get email updates of new posts, stacy? Oh wait, just saw the box to check. I need to see my optometrist, grumble, grumble, tiny font, grumble].


    • Stacy Says:

      I’ll look for the link to the article about Turkey and the peace process- I wrote about it over at Taylor Marsh a few weeks ago.. The article really only said that if Turkey would try to stop the flotilla then the US would let them (!) have an expanded role in the peace process. That sounds rather meaningless though given the US really doesn’t let ANYONE have a role in the peace negotiations because Israel only wants to have the US in charge, for obvious reasons.

      I’m a bit confused though- if the group of ships making up the flotilla don’t set sail from Turkey, can’t they just set sail from another country? Perhaps they need permits and things to dock. Turkey apparently did get the IHH to pull out of this flotilla and the Mavi Marmara won’t be taking part as planned. I follow an Israeli journalist/activist on Twitter (Joseph Dana) who will be on board the Flotilla to report on what goes on and he is in Greece getting ready for the Flotilla so I’m not sure if that’s a new departure point?

      Anyway, the fact that Israel needs to State Dept. to run interference for them on something that has nothing to do with us gets on my very last nerve. Congress and AIPAC are clearly pushing this.I think Senators sent a letter to Secy Clinton about it and they may have even passed a resolution condemning the Flotilla. Our tax dollars at work.


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