And the Group Behind the Frivolous Lawsuits Against the Flotilla Is…..

Ding, Ding, Ding….The Israel Law Center!

Bankrupting our legal system one lawsuit at a time!

They have just admitted to being the anonymous group behind the most recent attempt to stop the US Boat to Gaza, Audacity of Hope.

They also file lots of other lawsuits that are meant to silence free speech and association. They’ve threatened the communications companies that provide satellite phones to the ships, the insurance companies, and Facebook, among others.

If Americans only knew…

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3 Comments on “And the Group Behind the Frivolous Lawsuits Against the Flotilla Is…..”

  1. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    Disgraceful 😡

    Israel has to find a way to prevent the Audacity from leaving port because a confrontation in international waters could be very, very costly for them. This time the whole world will be watching.


    • Stacy Says:

      I just put up a post about how Israel is saying they will stop the flotilla in international waters- why don’t they wait until it is in their own territorial waters, you know, so then boarding the ship would be LEGAL?


  2. Stacy Says:

    Breaking…6 ships have just been detained in Greece and will not be able to sail with the Flotilla:,7340,L-4087517,00.html

    This is really an egregious example of the powerful beating up and harassing the weak.

    How much time and effort has the State Dept. wasted in an effort to save Israel from itself? The irony of course if there was a solution to the conflict, there would be no blockade.

    This is also an egregious example of how the Obama admin. are truly hypocritical when they call on people to renounce violence- I guess everybody but the Palestinians have that right. If they use violence, they are terrorists. If they try to get Israel to stop violating international law, they are delegitimizers, if they use nonviolent forms of protests then they are harassed and treated like terrorists.

    Do you think Hillary is aware of this hypocrisy? Do you think Obama realizes that they are actually sending the message that engaging in nonviolent resistance will be treated and viewed the same way as if they were engaging in violence against Israel?


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