Israel vs. Israel

This is the trailer for a new documentary about Israeli peace activists. What happens at 1:07 is truly shocking:

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3 Comments on “Israel vs. Israel”

  1. JasonF Says:

    Thank you for frequent updates. These things are not shown in US media b/c if Americans knew the hostility then they would question unquestioning support of Israel. Worst fear of Congress, WH & state Dept is honest debate on relationship with Israel.


  2. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    I saw the full face slap and heard a shot – was that live ammo? Was one of the activists killed?


    • seamus6 Says:

      Whether they were live bullets or not if someone wasn’t killed they were hurt bad. Those rubber bullets are no joke and can kill someone at close range. If they shot at their feet it would ricochet up hard at such close range.

      I wonder when the full documentary comes out?


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