Israeli Government Promotes Fraudulent Flotilla Video: Let the Propaganda Begin!

If you watched the events unfold during last year’s Flotilla, then you know that the IDF engaged in an unbelievable propaganda campaign which included using doctored/edited/manufactured audio and video tapes and of course, they jammed all communications and afterwards confiscated all the cameras, phones, etc. of the participants. The most obnoxious propaganda was the claim by the IDF, breathlessly repeated by every mainstream news outlet in America, that the captain of the Mavi Marmara had snarled “shut up, go back to Auschwitz” over the radio. As soon as this story was released, Max Blumenthal began to investigate whether or not the audio, which the IDF had posted on its website, was authentic and it wasn’t.

So now we have Israel having a second go at their strangely amateur propaganda. This is the very definition of the term/phenomena known as Pinkwashing.” Pinkwashing has become very divisive in the human rights/glbt community, for obvious reasons.

This is just such lame propaganda that it’s almost laughable. The man in the video, who says his name is “Marc,” is actually a pretty well known Israeli PR person/actor and gay rights advocate named Omer Gershon. The Israeli govt has been repeatedly tweeting this video in attempt to paint Flotilla participants as homophobic supporters of terrorism:

After the Israeli govt tweeted this video, Max Blumenthal, Ali Abunima and others immediately smelled a rat:

The disillusioned “gay activist” called “Marc” who appeared in a YouTube video condemning the Gaza Freedom Flotilla for alleged homophobia, that was tweeted by the Israeli Government Press Office, has been identified as an Israeli called Omer Gershon.

This definitely proves that the video is either a hoax or a piece of propaganda designed to discredit the flotilla and use a mask of concern for gay rights to pinkwash Israel and justify the persecution of Palestinians in Gaza.


Gershon, as an Israeli, could not possibly have been so naive as “Marc” claimed to be in the video about either the flotilla or the situation in Gaza. It is puzzling that a piece of propaganda that was meant to pass as the genuine work of an activist previously uninformed about the situation in Palestine would use a figure who is fairly well-known in the Israeli gay scene.

Gershon has been profiled in leading Israeli publications such as Haaretz, Maariv and Ynet.


We thought it was important to debunk this project for a few reasons. The message of the video—however clumsy, transparent and fradulent—attacked Palestine solidarity actions and tried to undermine the relationships the Palestine solidarity movement has with other movements and activists such as LGBT rights. It may have also had intelligence gathering objectives. In the YouTube video description, “Marc” explicitly asked people to write to him. “Let me know if you’ve had similar experiences-

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5 Comments on “Israeli Government Promotes Fraudulent Flotilla Video: Let the Propaganda Begin!”

  1. seamus6 Says:

    Man, they need to hire new PR people and that bloke needs new glasses. Is that guy really gay or does he just play one on TV?

    The new battlefield is social networking. I ran across this site that was on twitter- it compiles Israel’s propaganda methods and this Zionbot website lists the names and facebook accounts of people involved in the Palestinian rights movement and urges “supporters” of Israel to go to the Facebook page of each of the members and report their accounts as “hate speech” to get them removed from Facebook. The Lobby in the US has been very successful in getting Facebook users, Facebook groups and YouTube videos removed if they have anything to do with Palestinian rights. So much for free speech.

    This is what we’re up against but particularly you in the US. The Lobby has mucho dinero and lots of little Zionbots to run around and do this stuff.

    Just wondering- is it really a good idea for the Jewish community in America to draw a line in the sand and say any one who supports the end of Occupation or who believes Palestinians aren’t cockroaches, are raging antisemites? That seems like a bad long term strategy. Do they really want the word “Jew” to be synonymous with “Occupation” and with whatever Israeli govt happens to be in power simply so they can scream “antisemitism” every time Israeli policies are criticized? This could backfire on them and actually lead to real antisemitism against them.


  2. taylormarsh Says:

    Oh, good grief. The longer “Marc” talked the worse he looked.


  3. taylormarsh Says:

    Oh, good grief. The longer “Marc” talked the worse his story sounded. Hoax makes more sense than propaganda, except that on this subject people often believe anything.



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