Another Flotilla Ship Likely Sabotaged *updated*

**See update below**

The crew and activists on the Irish ship the “Saoirse” have said that they have propeller problems and they believe it has been sabotaged.

In addition, it appears that the U.S. and Israel have been quite successful in preventing the Flotilla from setting sail as a result of lawsuits, cancellation of insurance contracts and just plain bureaucratic harassment. As a result, most of the ships are still docket at port.

This is a disgrace and I am embarrassed by my government’s slippery, dishonest, hypocritical behavior. And why? Because apparently Israel calls the shots. Kind of makes you wonder which nation is the super power, doesn’t it?

Did it ever occur to the Obama administration to ask “what is Israel so afraid of?” Or even better, “what are WE afraid of?” Nah, self awareness doesn’t seem to be these politicians’ strong suit.

Down the road when the history of this is all written, the Obama administration will be found to be squarely on the wrong side of it.


Irish media is reporting that the damage from the sabotage is too extensive and the Irish ship will not be able to participate in the Flotilla.

This should be investigated- if someone sabotaged the ship that’s illegal and it could have put the lives of the people on the boat in danger.

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3 Comments on “Another Flotilla Ship Likely Sabotaged *updated*”

  1. seamus6 Says:

    Bloody Bastards!

    This is being covered a lot in our media but I checked your media- NYT, CNN, Washington Post and nothing.

    Those boats are being guarded day and night which means that if it was sabotaged it was no spur of the moment thing but perhaps even planned well in advance. The longer those ships stay at port the more vulnerable they are.

    Thing is, when they sail from Greece they don’t go straight to Gaza they have to stop at another rendezvous and if they can’t sail for that port soon they may have their dock privileges revoked.

    The bloody US & Israel may win after all. 😦


  2. PfcMarcus Says:

    Hey Seamus, long time no see! Like your avatar buddy but is there something you need to tell us 😉 Why the hell aren’t you on that Irish ship? Why didn’t the ‘Rachel Corrie’ set sail this time? Did it get shot up during the assault on the last Flotilla?

    Hi Stacy- hope you don’t mind but the Thainster sent me an email saying you had another site so I thought I’d stop by.

    If I weren’t going back to Afghanistan in 2 weeks I’d have loved to gone on the Flotilla. But I have a feeling if you aren’t independently wealthy the trip costs quite a bit of money not only in terms of lost work time but airfare and all the things associated with this trip. The more I read about what these guys are going through the more respect I have for them. They face lawsuits, harassment, threats, possible incarceration both in Israel and the US and they just keep on keeping on.

    If I were on the American ship I’d have a diver in the water most of the time. I can tell you right now that either Israeli agents/the IDF were behind this or they got a private citizen to do this on their behalf.

    BTW, what’s this I hear about our illustrious SOS making some crazy statements about Israel stopping them in the name of self defense? What’s she drinking? Ziocaine? These people are no more connected with Hamas than I am.


    • Stacy Says:

      Welcome back Marcus, glad you are safe and I’m sorry you have to go back so soon.

      I’m glad you found your way over here so that’s good that Thain gave you the heads up. What would we do without Thain? 😉


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