Israeli Cabinet Members Slam Netanyahu & IDF’s Flotilla Propaganda Campaign

As I’ve said over and over, the IDF’s propaganda is sloppy and transparent and it ends up making them look worse. At least some people in the Israeli government “get” that:

Several Israeli ministers have accused the army of “spin” over its claims that activists on board a Gaza-bound flotilla plan to harm Israeli soldiers, Maariv newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The paper quoted several unnamed members of Israel’s security cabinet as saying the claims were “media spin” and “public relations hysteria.”

On Monday, Israeli military spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovitz said there were “radical elements” among the activists participating in the sea convoy, including some carrying “dangerous incendiary chemicals.”

But security cabinet ministers told Maariv they were given no such information when they were briefed on the flotilla this week, and even accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office of being behind the disinformation.

“Netanyahu decided to change the version about the nature of the flotilla for two reasons that are connected to the international community,” one of the ministers, who were not named, told the newspaper.

“The first is for reasons of covering himself — if, suddenly, in the course of the military operation something goes awry and there are casualties, Israel will be able to say that it warned of that in advance.

“The second reason is to apply pressure on the international community so that governments will prevent the ships from leaving for the flotilla from the outset.”

[emphasis added]

The pathetic part is, the U.S. government has been helping Netanyahu spin his web of nonsense. You would think someone at the State Dept. would tell Israel to stop over-reacting to every little thing. Oh, wait…never mind.

You have to wonder what wouldn’t Israel do to create a situation where they feel vindicated in using force against the Flotilla? In other words, make all these scare-mongering scenarios a self-fulfilling prophesy? Already they have been caught sending out a fraudulent video (linked to the Prime Minister’s office) and making wild claims about the activists. Then there’s the issue of the sabotage against the Swedish ship- we don’t know who was behind that but whoever it was just happened to know a lot about ships and just happened to have a diving suit on them.

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