Oh, Enough Already

It’s bad enough that Politico has been beating this drum about every other week for the past two years, but we have to listen to this complaining from “Jewish Leaders” who are “worried” that Obama doesn’t love Israel enough. What should he do? Make an undivided Jerusalem the capital of the United States?

Good lord this constant complaining and fear-mongering is worse than Shabbat dinner at my inlaws’ house.

Note to Jewish leaders, whoever you are: Here’s an idea- if you don’t want an end to the Mideast conflict and if you want to blindly support a foreign government because of some bizarre idea of loyalty, then go ahead, vote Republican and be done with it. Stop using the media to try to threaten the administration into promoting policies that are fundamentally at odds with our interests in the region. Stop trying to paint this administration as anti-Israel. Stop helping Benjamin Netanyahu undermine the peace process and embarrass YOUR President.

Because you know what, if this continues, then the Jewish community should share in the blame when Israel becomes even more of a pariah state and there is a backlash against U.S. policies in the region.

You are not helping Israel.

PS. The subtle racism involved in the suspicions expressed about Obama are really unseemly. The fact that anyone would say out loud that they feared Obama was anti-Israel simply because he knew/was friends with a few Palestinian academics, just shows how mainstream Islamophobia is. If we changed the words “Palestinian academics” and replaced it with “Jewish academics” there would be a huge outcry, right? Right. Racism is wrong irrespective of who the target is and who is expressing it.

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4 Comments on “Oh, Enough Already”

  1. tovah8 Says:

    You are right, politico and in particular Ben Smith, really seem to be pandering to the Lobby to get this message out. That is a pretty biased article. While Smith provides a few people to rebut the claims, it’s obvious he’s more interesting in promoting the idea that the Democrats will have a Jewish problem if they don’t start dancing to Bibi’s tune.

    It’s frustrating to watch my co-religionists suddenly lose the ability to think independently simply because Israel is involved. All of this “anti-Israel” talk is totally the result of Bibi’s propaganda trying to undermine the President. That Jewish Democrats in Congress haven’t called Bibi out on that behind closed doors says a lot- I assume they haven’t simply because they seem to be joining in the Obama-bashing when it comes to Israel rather than defending him. Bibi totally misrepresented what Obama said during his mideast speech but Jewish democrats decided to take Bibi’s side despite knowing it was a lie and meant to embarrass the POTUS? As many have said, the 1967 lines has been a tacit understanding between the parties for years but just because Obama says it outloud, he’s thrown Israel “under the bus.” Stupid.

    I agree that this article is just another attempt to send a message to Obama to not even consider pressing Israel on anything. It seems that this happens all the time- as soon as someone tries to do something constructive on mideast peace there is pushback. Not long ago there was a WSJ article saying Jews wouldn’t give as much money to Obama because he’s been too hard on Israel.

    It bothers me that many in the Jewish community are acting in a way that reinforces all the negative stereotypes- that we have a dual loyalty problem and throw our money around at politicians to promote Israel’s interests above those of the U.S.


    • thainjacobs Says:

      What I don’t understand is what are they so upset about? What has Bibi/Israel been forced to do by the US? Nothing. What has Bibi done for the US other than publicly mock this administration? In addition to giving Israel tons of more money, Obama backed off the request for a halt in settlements, he vetoed a resolution on settlements that represented his own policies, his SOS is spending way too much time demonizing the flotilla people and we are more interested in preventing the UN statehood vote than actually getting peace talks started. Oh, and we’ve given them lots of fancy military hardware compliments of the US taxpayer.

      Obama didn’t FORCE Israel to do anything. So we got a 10 month partial settlement freeze that didn’t include E. Jerusalem and which apparently the Israelis ignored anyway- JVP demonstrated that Israel kept building anyway, just very quietly and the US just turned a blind eye to it.

      So what the f*ck is the Jewish community so upset about?

      I’m sorry but they are totally unreasonable and there IS a dual loyalty problem. When they sit back and join in a foreign leader’s attacks on a sitting US president- yes, there is a loyalty problem. When an Israeli PM gets 40+ standing ovations for putting a nail in the coffin of the peace process and undermining the US president’s foreign policy, there is a loyalty problem. When our foreign policy has to revolve around what 2-3% of the American population wants, that’s a problem. When people put the interests of an insolent, ungrateful little foreign nation above the interests of their own country, there is a loyalty problem. When people are cheering on the death of Americans aboard the flotilla at the hands of a foreign country, there is a loyalty problem.


      • thainjacobs Says:

        BTW, that last bit about cheering on the deaths of Americans on the flotilla- that’s mostly coming from hawkish pro-Israel nutcases like Noah Pollack and Jen Rubin and some others that I’ve seen on Twitter. But there is more of that rhetoric than you think- one person who said that is a former Bush speechwriter. There is no shortage of Israel Firsters on TWitter saying they hope the IDF kills Americans because “they have it coming.” But no, I doubt it’s a mainstream view, but who knows since Israel and the US are pushing the idea that the flotilla is supporting terrorism. So, perhaps it is a mainstream view but only the more extreme Firsters are publicizing it.


      • Stacy Says:

        Makes ‘ya wonder doesn’t it? If Israel again dropped white phosphorous on Gaza but this time killed 5,000 would these folks defend it? What about if Israel killed 100 nonviolent protesters at one of the weekly demolition demonstrations and used self defense as an excuse – Would these people support and rationalize it? I think the answer to that is a resounding “yes.” /b/c apparently there is nothing Israel can do that would be wrong. Scary.


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