Fact of the Day: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Did you know that the U.S. State Dept. provides Israel with $1.85 million in U.S. taxpayer funds for the purchase of U.S.-made “tear gasses and riot control agents”?

They can’t buy their own damn tear gas?

Is Israel a Third World country and I just forgot to know that? I mean seriously, why do they need the State Dept. to provide funding for the tools they use to repress civil society and nonviolent protests? They don’t have a million dollars lying around somewhere? They need to get it from us? And why the State Department? The State Dept. deals primarily with foreign policy/diplomacy.

I found this factoid over at Change.Org.

Oh, one more factoid- USAID uses taxpayer dollars to build Jewish-only roads in the West Bank. USAID also partially financed the building of part of the the separation wall (sometimes referred to as the security wall or Apartheid wall, depending on who you ask) at the Jalama checkpoint. I really like a lot of the work USAID does, but I’m not sure why they are using taxpayer funds to help Israel box-in the Palestinians. Israel has plenty of their own money. Or maybe AIPAC could hold a fund-raiser?


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