Former Israeli Air Force Pilot on Flotilla Responds to Israeli Propaganda

This is an interesting interview by Democracy Now, which is one of the few media outlets providing the other side of the story. Of course, Democracy Now isn’t part of the MSM.

Today, Bibi Netanyahu came up with some clever new names for the Flotilla, while making totally un-subtantiated charged against the Flotilla participants. Yesterday it was they they were going to use sulfur against the IDF, today it’s arms smuggling:

Israel is fully entitled to work against attempts by the upcoming Gaza-bound “provocation flotilla” to smuggle arms into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in a speech to graduating cadets of the IAF Pilot’s Course at the Hatzerim Air Base near Beersheba on Thursday.

“Israel has the full right to operate against efforts to smuggle missiles, rockets and other weapons to Hamas’s terror enclave. Hamas is a ruthless enemy, who maliciously harms our cities and children,” Netanyahu said at the graduation ceremony.

I would like to praise the many leaders throughout the world who worked against the ‘provocation flotilla,’ led by US and European leaders, UN Secretary-General [Ban Ki-moon], and my friend the Greek prime minister [George Papandreou].”

Provocation flotilla? Sounds like he was talking to Secretary of State Clinton. And yes, thank you United States for harassing, threatening and maligning the Flotilla. There’s nothing like joining up with the powerful to gang up on the weak to prove your human rights bona fides.

Every time I hear the U.S. or Israel talk about the Flotilla and I can’t help but think “what are they so worried about?” The way they are over-reacting to this makes me wonder how they’d react to a real threat.

Yes, poor, nuclear-armed Israel, totally threatened by a bunch of middle-aged peace activists and the only way they can respond is to try to paint them as terrorist-supporting, violent, Israel-hating anti-Semites. Maybe Israel and the U.S. aren’t as powerful as we thought?

Oh, by the way, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution yesterday- supported and written by AIPAC- calling for the discontinuation of all funds to the Palestinians if they go to the U.N. I think in the past 6 months Congress has passed like 5 resolutions condemning the Palestinians and expressing their support for Israel. As if we needed reminding.

If you care at all about this counter-productive pandering, or if you just don’t like the Mideast peace process being hijacked by a few powerful, monied organizations that represent the peace-rejectionists, please contact your members of Congress and tell them that AIPAC doesn’t represent you.

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