Greek Commandos Prevent US Boat to Gaza from Leaving Greece

Apparently Greece has caved to Israeli and U.S. pressure and will not be allowing the Flotilla to leave Greece. One of the activists on board the Audacity of Hope just tweeted that the Greek Coast Guard has taken over the ship and it’s been impounded.

I am so disgusted.

Here is a photo from earlier today as the Greek Commandos prepare to board the US ship, which they did. This is interesting because the U.S. ship has already been searched multiple times by Greek authorities and apparently also Israeli representatives. Also, the activists allowed the media to tour the ship and look and go anywhere they wanted. Obviously there were no weapons or contraband.

Photo of Greek Commandos on a coast guard ship trying to board USBOATTOGAZA

At today’s State Dept. daily press briefing, the deputy spokesperson, Mark Toner, had the audacity to say that Greece preventing the U.S. ship from leaving Greek waters was not a freedom of navigation/freedom of the seas issue although the State Dept. strangely used that rationale to defend Israel’s potential interception of the Flotilla in international waters, which doesn’t even make logical sense.

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5 Comments on “Greek Commandos Prevent US Boat to Gaza from Leaving Greece”

  1. Pilgrim Says:

    Also Greece refusing to allow flotilla ship from Canada….



  2. Steve Says:

    Haaretz is reporting that the Israelis were able to secure a second bailout for Greece from the EU (by pressuring EU) in return for Greece refusing to allow the Flotilla from leaving. And lo and behold the NYT is reporting that there was a surprise bailout out of the blue for Greece but of course, the pro-Israel times left out the part about Israel being behind it and basically making it all about the Flotilla

    If the media were reporting honestly about this, Israel and the US and Greece would come across looking like petty bullies harassing the weak. But because the media largely promotes the Zionist narrative, most Americans will just think the flotilla activists are a bunch of extremist supporters of terrorism.

    Sad, really.

    I’m ashamed of the way the Obama admin. has handled this. Bibi comes to the US and humiliates the President of the U.S. despite all that we’ve done for Israel and this week Politico reports (stacy covered this on this blog) how the Jewish community has nothing to do but whine and complain about how Obama has been too tough on poor Bibi Netanyahu.

    Why isn’t Hillary holding back some? How can we get Israel to do something productive if we cover their ass all the time? We blocked the settlement resolution, we killed the Flotilla and engaged in a low-life propaganda campaign at the behest of Israel, the Lobby and the Jewish community and now we are going to block the UN resolution for Palestinian statehood. That makes no damn sense. Yet after all this, my co-religionists in the Jewish community have the balls to complain.

    At this point we’re not acting like the Chosen People but the Entitled People.


  3. thainjacobs Says:

    Remind me again why we give Israel so much taxpayer money?

    Israel exporting war for profit. Yeah, such victims.


  4. Pilgrim Says:

    It’s all so discouraging.



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