Secretary Clinton Announced Willingness for Dialogue w/ Muslim Brotherhood and Neocons Heads Explode

Part of the neocon book of hypocritical non-diplomacy is a policy of never talking with people with whom you disagree, except when you do talk to them. Then, when other people do the exact same thing, you denounce them as cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

Secretary Clinton on Friday announced the obvious- that the U.S. would be opening up a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood because, well, they are part of the political landscape in the Muslim world and in particular, in Egypt:

The Obama administration is open to dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday about the Islamist group.

“We believe, given the changing political landscape in Egypt, that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency,” she told reporters in Budapest, Hungary. “And we welcome, therefore, dialogue with those Muslim Brotherhood members who wish to talk with us.”

But, she added, any such contacts “will continue to emphasize the importance of and support for democratic principles, and especially a commitment to nonviolence, respect for minority rights, and the full inclusion of women in any democracy. You cannot leave out half the population and claim that you are committed to democracy.”

She added that the policy is not a new one and that the Obama administration has had “limited contacts” with the group.

Naturally, the neocons are having a kitten. You know, they are so predictable it’s almost boring. Of course, those same people’s heads aren’t exploding over the announcement that we are speaking with the Taliban. And of course, these are many of the same people who totally support the Iranian dissident terrorist group MEK. I wrote about that here.

Also worth note is that as Secretary Clinton said, this is not a new policy. In fact, the Bush administration was talking with the Muslim Brotherhood. But as we know with the neocons and the Lobby, the rule is “it’s only ok if we’re doing it.” Over at the National Review, the neocons predictably bemoan the administration’s willingness to talk to the MB, completely ignoring the fact that they said not a word when Bush did it.

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