Shut Up Already, You WON

This J-Post editorial is the perfect example of the peace rejectionist, perpetual victim mindset. The faux hysteria over the Flotilla is long past tedious.

The U.S. and Israeli response to the Flotilla shows how Israel is incapable of dealing with anything without blowing it totally out of proportion. Every act, no matter how minor and non-threatening, is treated as cause for World War III. Of course, when the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

The red-herrings tossed out by J-Post and many others is classic hasbara. It is comprised of some version of the claim: “we know you are really anti-Semites because if you were really humanitarian peace activists you would sail to Syria…” Huh? That tired canard is one of the favorite arguments they trot out. I’ve had it thrown at me 100 times on Twitter this past week. Because apparently, if you are a pro-Palestinian activist, your cause is not just and your intent is malicious unless you also deal with every other political/humanitarian crisis on earth. Thus, Hedy Epstein, Medea Benjamin, Alice Walker and others won’t be taken seriously unless they also sail to 1) Libya, 2) China, 3) Syria, 4) Saudi Arabia, 5) Sudan, 6) DRC and, well, you get the point. It’s a stupid argument on its face.

Of course, the favorite non-argument trotted out by J-Post and just about everyone else who insists on keeping their eyes shut in order to assuage their liberal guilt, is this “but there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza!” It doesn’t matter how many reports you show these people, no matter how many organizations like Oxfam, Doctors without Borders, and the international bodies like United Nations, provide proof that the siege on Gaza is slowly strangling the population in violation of international law, these folks will hear none of it. It also doesn’t matter when you confront these people with the words of Israeli government officials, who have said the goal is to wage economic warfare and bring the population to the brink of starvation. Nope, they just change the subject and start talking about something else, like Hamas.

But perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of all this is how Israel, a nuclear weapons state which totally controls those whom it occupies while having the total support of the world’s superpower,constantly needs to portray itself as the victim. More ridiculous still is how the U.S. government, the Lobby, Congress and the Jewish community perpetuate this lie, even as it becomes more and more obvious that the complete power imbalance between the Israelis and Palestinians makes U.S. and Israeli’s harassment of the activists and the Palestinian population in general, look like simple bullying.

Of course, at the end of the day, Israel wins. They always win. The Flotilla has been sabotaged, harassed and prevented from sailing. Most of the journalists onboard have gone home. Israel, despite an earlier withdrawal of its threat to legally punish the journalists onboard, have again warned that they could face deportation, fines and a 10 year ban on entering the country. Oh, and Israel will confiscate their cameras, their film footage and anything else relating to their coverage of the Flotilla. Most importantly, the U.S., Israel and Greek governments have used their considerable influence and power to once again, silence the weak. So what, exactly, is the J-Post kvetching about? YOU WON.

There is nothing laudable or noble about the strong beating up on the weak.

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One Comment on “Shut Up Already, You WON”

  1. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    They won, for now. But Israel’ stance is unsustainable. In the moving article Alice Walker wrote about “Why I’m Joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza,” she described a scene from the movie “Gandhi” where unarmed Indian protesters line up to confront the armed forces of the British Empire: “The soldiers beat them unmercifully, but the Indians, their broken and dead lifted tenderly out of the fray, keep coming.” Call me naive, but I think the most powerful resistance would be from within — especially from the Arab population in East Jerusalem with permanent resident status. What if several hundred thousand people sat in their cars or sat in the streets of the old city, nothing more? What would the IDF do? How would that play to a world audience?
    Next year, in Jerusalem!


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