Blog Housekeeping

July 4, 2011


Hi, as you can see I am playing around with the blog template. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that the new template I am using looks fine in the Firefox and Opera browsers, but that in Safari and Google Chrome the headings are HUGE and the front page looks a mess. I have no idea how it looks in Internet Explorer and I can’t check here at home because I have a Mac.

If when you are viewing this website the template looks a mess, with huge headings all running into each other or anything like that, could you please let me know here in the comments and also tell me which browser you are using?

Thanks much!



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8 Comments on “Blog Housekeeping”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Hi stacy- I use Firefox too and it looks fine. I have a mac so I can’t run IE. It does look strange in Safari- don’t know why the headings would be that big- that makes no sense. Did your last template- the red and white and black one- look that way? You could try running your CSS code through an editor.

    I used to have a blog a couple of years ago and this type of thing was a PIA- getting the site to run well in all browsers. If you can get it looking good in Firefox and Chrome that’s most of the battle.


    • Stacy Says:

      Thanks. I just switched back to the old template to test it in diff. browsers (except IE) and it seems to be fine, so not sure if it’s something about the code in the newer template.


      • Pilgrim Says:

        I’m an Apple person so my browser is safari and all of a sudden the site looked very bad and I began to have to avoid it somewhat. Right now, not too bad.

        (I like the pic of you. You look much like I would have imagined.)


      • Pilgrim Says:

        Actually, it presently looks pretty good, quite readable.


  2. Stacy Says:

    Pilgrim- I think I fixed it. My heading fonts were messed up- I used customizable ones instead of the font that came with the theme, so I switched them back to what they were supposed to be. I checked it in Safari, Chrome and Mozilla and I think it looks like it’s supposed to look. Granted, people have different versions of browsers but it should be all set.

    But let me know if something looks off.


  3. SpfcMarcus Says:

    I’ve looked at in in IE and Mozilla and it looks fine to me. Nothing wrong at all. I like the new template actually, looks professional. Not that the other one didn’t. Some people really junk up their sites with tons of adds and photos in the sidebar and it’s all busy. I don’t like that. I don’t fault someone for wanting to raise money to help them keep up the site though.


  4. thainjacobs Says:

    MUCH better. Looks fine on Safari now, as Pilgrim and I ran it on Opera and it looks good there. So, good job fixing it!


    • Stacy Says:

      Thanks. It only took me 48 hours to figure it out. I’m a pretty patient person until a computer problem comes up and then you don’t want to be around me! Micah finally went outside because she was sick of hearing me curse in here as I tried to fix the theme.

      What do you think of Opera? I sort of like it actually. I used to use Safari b/c I’m an Apple person but it seems kind of slow in comparison to Opera. I’m running Opera now.


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