Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Calls out Ethan Bronner. Again.

The folks at the media watchdog group FAIR have their hands full with Bronner. Keeping an eye on his stenography could be a full-time job.

One of Bronner’s frequent themes is that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. He “reports” this frequently. What/who are his primary sources? The Israeli government.

Bronner does his best to paint this year’s Flotilla as totally unnecessary, despite accidentally admitting that the only reason Israel agreed to partially lift the seige is because of last year’s Flotilla. Additionally, in the hopes of preventing activists from setting sail this June, Israel has tried to get more supplies in to Gaza over the last few weeks. In other words, were it not for the Flotilla and the public attention drawn to the plight of the people in Gaza, the full seige would be in full force. That is the point of this sort of civil disobedience. Mission Accomplished!

But Bronner ignores all that and instead focuses on how all this political activism stuff is jut pointless.

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