Israel’s New Bizarre Anti-Flotilla Propaganda Video

Honestly, whoever was in charge of creating this video should be fired for about 10 different reasons. Once again, Max Blumenthal is tracking down the source of the video and it seems it was commissioned by the Israeli government.

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5 Comments on “Israel’s New Bizarre Anti-Flotilla Propaganda Video”

  1. tovah8 Says:

    OMG! I cannot believe that! What’s with the red dress and the camera panning down to her leg? Seriously, between this and the fake gay/Pinkwashing video Israel should totally be embarrassed.

    Why isn’t our MSM covering any of this? It’s like they have totally been ignoring the Flotilla since it became clear that the US, Greece and Israel were bullying the activists and it wouldn’t be able to set sail. It’s like they don’t want people to know the lengths the US will go to cover for Israel.

    I saw on Twitter the Americans are flying home.

    I used to think the MSM wasn’t all that biased in terms of Israel. You have really opened my eyes.


  2. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    OK, that was one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen — particularly if it was commissioned by the Israeli government.
    It would make much more sense, wouldn’t it, if it was commissioned as a SPOOF about Israel’s boo-hoo-we’re-so-victimized-stop-provoking-us-and-showing-us-those-scary-pictures-of-terrorists type whining, reading WAY too much into some innocent ink blots, as she (Israel) sits there all dolled up, vamping, kicking off her shoes, parading her assets, and being provicative as all hell. Hardly the victim.

    Even then, it doesn’t make much sense.


    • Steve Says:

      It does seem like a spoof b/c it’s just so bad but the Israeli site +972 has linked it to the Foreign Ministry. Also, the last minute of the video clearly isn’t a spoof with the video of the poor Israeli commandos being attacked as they landed on the ship. If it had been a spoof someone would have probably added a little something about the massive air and sea attack against the Flotilla and resulting activists deaths to make a point that Israel ALWAYS had the upper hand in that situation.

      Also, the woman in the video is an aspiring actress and the production value is quite high.

      Israel has a long history of really, really embarrassingly bad PR videos. They never learn.


  3. Carolyn-Rodham Says:


    I’m reading a New Yorker article about Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook — very smart, sucessful, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women type — who also happens to be extraordinarily committed to helping people advance, encouraging more women to accept executive positions and make it to the top. As Gloria Steinem summarized it, Sandberg’s vision is a world where half of homes are run by men, especially raising children, and half our institutions are run by women, especially armies

    But we haven’t come very far baby. There were a few statistics Sandberg cited in a speech last December that blew me away:

    A hundred and ninety heads of state; nine are women.

    Of all the people in parliament in the world, thirteen percent are women.

    In the corporate sector, women at the top — C-level jobs, board seats — tops out at fifteen per cent.

    Fifty-seven per cent of men entering the workforce negotiate their salaries, but only seven per cent of women do.

    On average, women do two-thirds of the housework and three-fourths of the child care.

    We knew the numbers were bad, but this bad? In the 21st Century?


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