House Passes Another AIPAC-Sponsored Resolution

Last night the House of Representatives passed a resolution threatening to cut off aid from the Palestinian Authority and praising Israel for it’s wonderfulness. As usual, AIPAC wrote the legislation and the usual suspects like Abe Foxman of the ADL lined up to praise the symbolic, meaningless resolution. How many so-called “pro-Israel” resolutions has Congress passed in the past 6 months? About four? That sounds about right.

Ironically, the resolution also reaffirmed the commitment to a two-state solution. Hahahahaha. That’s a good one! Too bad we haven’t seen such an anti-peace Israeli Prime Minister since…well, since Benjamin Netanyahu was Prime Minister the last time in the 90’s during the Clinton years. Netanyahu has never supported a two-state solution but this time around he knew that he had to at least pretend he supported it. Everyone knows Bibi has no interest in two states, including AIPAC, Congress and the Jewish community. Remember, this is the guy who bragged he has the U.S. under his control and that he used the Oslo peace process to grab more land under the guise of “security.” He also bragged that he was basically committed to destroying Oslo. So, why then are the aforementioned groups constantly cheering on an Israeli leader that supposedly opposes the very views they espouse? Good question, Stacy. I guess there are only two possibilies: ). It doesn’t matter what an Israeli leader says and does so long as he’s Israeli. They will rubber stamp anything. 2) The people that say they support a two-state solution actually don’t, but know that they have to pretend they do lest they appear outside the mainstream.

My theory? Israel and it’s inflexible, peace-rejectionist supporters in this country know that Occupation has reaped tons of short-term benefits for Israel- colonial expansion, a growing military-industrial-security-complex, the sympathy and economic support of the U.S. and Europe and the ability to control almost every aspect of the Palestinians’ lives. Of course, in the long-term this makes Israel very unsafe. Why on earth would people support never-ending Occupation when the alternative is more stability and long-term security? Is Israel afraid to give up it’s status as World Victim? Is Israel afraid to live by the rules every other country is supposed to live by?

Here’s a little experiment you should try- I did it with my the Jewish inlaws over the July 4th holiday when the conversation turned to the Flotilla (no, I didn’t bring it up, I know better)- ask your Jewish family members or friends or partners, “which do you think is better for Israel’s security, constant Occupation or a solution to the conflict which results in peace treaties with its surrounding Arab nations and normalized relations with the rest of the world?” See what they say and if you feel like it, let me know in the comments.

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