News Round-Up

On this day in history, July 10, 1509, theologian John Calvin, a key figure of the Protestant Reformation, was born France.

Some news bits:

~Elizabeth Warren for Senate?

~The GOP has predictably rebuffed the President’s so-called Grand Bargain, which is really a Grand Capitulation to corporate interests on the backs of the middle class, so perhaps its a good thing. Interestingly, polls consistently show that the American people are on the Democrats’ side with this- they see no problem whatsoever with tax increases for the richest Americans, closing some of the ridiculous tax loopholes that create subsidies for big business etc. So now we are back to the cuts/revenue increases that were part of the Biden-led negotiations.

~Witchita, Kansas, again becomes Ground Zero in the battle for abortion rights.

~The Washington Post’s resident right wing hack, Jennifer Rubin, thinks that defense spending has nothing to do with the deficit. I still can’t believe the WaPo gave her a platform. Oh, wait, Fred Hiatt, Jackson Diehl, Krauthammer. Never mind, yes I can.

~Mitchell Plitnick over at LobeLog has a good piece on why the U.S. is so frantic about the possible upcoming UN vote about Palestinian statehood. In addition to putting Israel and the U.S. in a very, very tricky spot, the reality is that things have changed since the Arab Spring and the release of the Palestinian Papers- something which the Obama administration seems reluctant to take to heart. The Palestinians can no longer enter negotiations without achieving substantive results, end of story. That’s the new reality. The U.S., meanwhile, has nothing to offer but the same old, failed formula of never-ending negotiations that achieve nothing other than the further entrenchment of the occupation beyond the Green Line and the Palestinians know this. Hence, the UN vote.

~Ann Coulter thinks we bombed Egypt, which caused Hosni Mubarak to leave. Jesus Christ! WHY CAN’T THE REPUBLICANS DO FOREIGN POLICY?!?

~Eric Cantor cancels the July 18th House recess. Isn’t every day recess in the House?

~Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan.

~The life of Betty Ford.

~John Aravosis thinks Obama should appoint a top level LGBT adviser. Dream on.

~It’s nice to know that James Murdoch is just as much a scum-bag as his father.

~For a great article on the cozy relationship between the elder Murdoch and British politicians, check out this article. The sad thing is, the same corrosive media/political cronyism is right here in our own Beltway.

~ Dick Morris’ makes stuff up. Again. Note to the right: Using Israel as a political wedge issue is a really bad idea…for Israel.

~South Sudan declares independence.

~Glenn Greenwald points out that in our effort to fight terrorism, we’re actually creating more terrorists. It’s like a hamster wheel of sorts.

~Ever wonder what happened to the so-called American Taliban, John Walker Lindh? Read this article from his father with a rather disturbing update. Now remember, Lindh is in jail as part of a plea deal for joining and fighting with the Taliban (the govt had no proof he was a “terrorist”, a with whom we are [right now unofficially] negotiating with.

~Alex Pareene over at Salon’s ‘War Room’ points out that when it comes to terrorism-foreign policy-national security coverage, the Washington Post has No. Standards. Whatsoever.

~Keeping Michele Bachmann from letting go of the reins is probably more than a full-time job for her fancy new advisor Ed Rollins, but she clearly slipped away from him for a moment to be the first (and hopefully only) Presidential candidate to sign “The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family.” Naturally, anything with the word “family” in coming from the far, far, far right includes stuff about gay people, Sharia Law and porn. Or something. Naturally, Pamela Gellar is thrilled.

~The feds have ruled that marijuana has no acceptable medical use. You can read more about Obama’s War on Pot here. The admin. seems to be harder on medical marijuana growers/users than he is on the Big Banks that caused the global financial crisis. #fail.

~Over-react much?

~Forty people are dead in a mere 24 hours in Mexico– drug and gang related violence.

The End.

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