Israeli Knesset Degrades Itself By Having Glenn Beck Speak Today

July 11, 2011

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Yes, the far-right wing, paranoid, Caliphate-fear-mongerer, sometimes-antiSemite, Glenn Beck, spoke from the floor of the Knesset today. According to Israeli media, he was a huge hit, appealing to the worst political and rhetorical excesses of the far-right in Israel.

From +972

…After the short intro, Beck began what was to become a short sermon on Truth: “You have to think out of the box. The way to do that is to tell the truth. Everyone feels the truth, in the gut. My message to you is: ‘stop playing the game’. We in the West are being set up. Israel is being set up.”

Beck continued after a short applause: “Antisemitism is about to go through the roof. Because when tragedy happens, it’s always the Jew’s fault. My event here on August 24th could be the biggest ever. It is not for courage here in Israel. Israel already has enough courage. I’m doing it here, because the solution will be found here. I knew it when I read the book of Ruth and Esther. I want people to hear what I have learned from those books, that “your god is my god, where you go I will go”.

And that’s it. He got a bit teary eyed, but after 15 minutes – the Beck sermon was over. Danon even tells him “I thought you would speak longer…”

So Danon asks Beck: “Why didn’t the American media cover the Fogel family massacre?” Beck says he doesn’t know, and admits he’s not a journalist – just a storyteller. (Talk about truth, huh? Finally…)

Then it’s the MK’s turn to ask questions. Problem is, nobody asks anything. It’s just MKs waiting for their turn to kiss the feet of the Holy Beck.

MK Nissim Zeev (Shas) tries his best at English, and tells Beck he has “an outstanding record in regards to Israel. I wish we had media here like you.”

Deputy minister Ayoub Kara: “Beck and I are both non-Jews, but we see the justice that Jews need. The world hypocrisy must stop! That is why I’m glad you are here, it is so important, my friend. We feel the world doesn’t get us.”

MK Anat Wilf (Atzmaut): “The battle for Israel is moving to the media, in an effort to delegitimize Israel and Zionism.” At this stage, Beck just can’t can’t stop grinning.

But Wilf is the first to actually ask something of Beck: “I’d like to ask you one thing. Don’t portray us as the victim. We are not the victim. But I thank you for your help.”

Beck answers Wilf: “Truth is the underdog, underdogs always win! I just visited Auschwitz. It profoundly changed me. I’m making a documentary about Jewish heroism in the Holocaust. Those struggles taught me of what goes on today. The struggle of today is: can the individual rule himself? It’s not the victim you can become. Man has tasted freedom!”

He’s lost me. I have no clue what he’s talking about.

There is nothing more perplexing/disturbing than the marriage of the radical Evangelical right in America, replete with its distinguished history of antisemitism, to the far-right in Israel. The term often used to describe the resulting philosophy is Christian Zionism. I think more than anything, it’s a marriage of convenience. After all, what could be more antisemitic than thinking that Israel and the Jews merely exist to bring about the Rapture, which will result in the death of all the non-believers (ie. anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as the son of God)?

But really, this is about the ends justifying the means, so many in Israel and in this country accept this marriage of convenience so long as both parties work to prevent what they see as common enemies, mainly:

1. the so-called delegitimization of Israel (aka any criticism whatsoever);

2. Islam (or in Glenn Beck-speak, the coming Caliphate);

and finally…

3. A separate Palestinian state that would tear asunder Biblical Greater Israel.

I certainly hope that most members of the American Jewish community are watching this and shaking their heads and saying “Glenn Beck? Seriously? No!!”

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