Glenn Beck is an Idiot

Glenn Beck is in search of headlines and relevance, and thus he is holding his “Restoring Courage” rally at one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem, The Temple Mount/Haram Ash-Sharif.

I guess his rambling speech to the Knesset the other week didn’t garner him enough attention.

Beck is apparently going to Jerusalem because he thinks there is a coming darkness heading right for Israel, which he seems to attribute to the [nonexistent] threat of a two state solution that “cuts off Jerusalem” from the rest of the world. Whatever that means.

He’s just announced he’s going to change the location of the rally because, you know, the Muslims might assassinate someone if he doesn’t:

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8 Comments on “Glenn Beck is an Idiot”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Yeah, yeah, we get it. You hate Beck, America, and the Jews but love the Muslim terrorists. It’s what we Americans have come to expect from our domestic enemies.


    • Stacy Says:

      What a lazy, albeit predictable, response. I don’t like Glenn Beck’s views at all, but I think you read a little too much into my tongue-in-cheek post. I know quite a few conservatives who can’t stand the guy at all- they think he’s a total embarrassment. Apparently, so did some higher ups at Fox News and within the conservative commentariat (like Bill Kristol, David Brooks and some others). Beck was getting just a bit too tin-foil hat for a lot of people.

      But I know it’s easier to just claim that anyone who disagrees with you and thinks Beck is an attention-seeking, fear-monger MUST hate America and Jews while loving terrorists. Because if that’s the case, then you are free from any responsibility to form an actual, coherent argument based on issues, rather than just personal attacks.

      Get a new shtick, you’ve run this one into the ground.


      • jonolan Says:

        You forget that I might have perused your previous posts before commenting upon this one after establishing your anti-American and anti-Semite grounding and support for Muslim terrorism.

        You’re the one who should get a new shtick or, better yet, a new country. You certainly have no valid place within America’s borders.


    • tovah8 Says:

      I’ve said this before on this blog and I’ll say it again. People like you who run around calling everyone an anti-Semite just because they/we express views you may not agree with, makes a mockery of REAL antisemitism and as a Jew, I find that really reprehensible.

      Since you looked at other posts you’ll notice that stacy provides links and backs up her arguments. You or anyone else might not agree but at least she doesn’t just resort to personal attacks.

      Who are you to claim someone is anti-American? The whole pro-Muslim terrorist thing is just stupid. Honestly you sound like a child all you have left to do is scream “I know you are but what am I?”

      You’re nothing but a concern troll. If you had been interested in debate you would simply said you disagreed and made an actual argument but instead you just drive by and do what right wing zealots always do- just act morally self righteous and try to kill all debate by labeling everything you disagree with as antisemitism or unamerican.

      Marcus below is right. If the label antisemite is appropriate to anyone that’s been mentioned here it’s Glenn Beck, whose now trying to change that image by using Israel for his selfish PR efforts. The only reason he gives a damn about Israel and Jews is because he sees us fulfilling his end of times prophesies where all us nonbelievers will end up being destroyed and the backdrop for that battle of good and evil is Israel. Glenn Beck pro-Israel? Hardly.


  2. Stacy Says:

    Right, because when people disagree politically, that means one of them should leave the country. Because there is clearly not room for any other view than yours.

    I think it’s you who are rather intolerant and unamerican. But although I don’t agree with you, I certainly DO think you have a valid place within Americas borders. That’s the difference.



  3. SpfcMarcus Says:

    Glenn Beck is an entertainer nothing more and his crazy conspiracy talk makes Israel.

    As for Jonolan I’m flying helicopters UN Afghanistan for a lot of reasons but one I hear a lot is so we all have the right to free speech etc. So for some bozo to claim some person he disagrees with is unamerican and should get the hell out if America well, u can’t help but think that person doesn’t know what being an American really is. Dont hide behind a flag and think that makes your pretend patriotism ok.

    To scream anti-Semite is a copout. That doesn’t describe anyone here except maybe Glenn Beck.


  4. thainjacobs Says:

    That person jonolan has been here before saying the same nonsense. Not interested in debate just stating that everyone hates Jews, hates Israel, loves terrorists blah blah blah. Some of the other folks who come around here now and again and disagree at least have the brains to make an argument. Of course then there are some that don’t. But there’s a difference between discussing and trolling.

    If I went to someone’s blog that I didn’t agree with and just blabbed personal insults I wouldn’t expect anyone to take me seriously. When I go to a righty blog I make a point of NOT insulting them because then they look silly if THEY respond with insults.

    This person with the creepy avatar is just tossing out insults = troll.


  5. SpfcMarcus Says:

    I don’t think Beck believes half of what he says. Even he can’t be that paranoid.


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