Barack Obama and His Corporate Friends Toss Elizabeth Warren Under the Bus *updated*

Barack Obama is not a progressive and he never was. During the 2008 election he simply told the liberal base what they wanted to hear. He made Hillary Clinton out to be a Republican-lite candidate but in the end, he’s the one that is a DINO (Democrat in Name Only). He gets frustrated when people point out all his lofty rhetoric and campaign promises during the 2008, as though he’s in no way accountable. Politicians like to say there is a difference between campaigning and governing. That’s true. But there is also a difference between lying and telling the truth.

This article about President Obama passing over Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Agency that she envisioned years ago and which she has been helping to build for the past year and-a-half, tells you everything you need to know about where Obama stands on economic policies. It also shows his general discomfort with holding corporate fraudsters accountable. Obama is not pro-consumer in any way, shape or form. I hope the unquestioning Obama loyalists realize that.

Obama’s White House advisers have shown nothing but contempt for the liberal base of the Democratic party. While I don’t agree with the Republicans on issues, I have to admit that at least they like their base and try to work with them. No President can govern solely from the far end of the political spectrum on either side, but it’s Democrats more than Republicans who tend to lurch to the middle or beyond once in office. GW Bush governed from the far right on social and foreign policy. Bill Clinton governed largely from the middle and Barack Obama, despite ridiculous claims of socialism, governs from the middle-right.

Change You Can Believe In?

Not really.

UPDATE: I just saw this article over on Salon and I think it’s another good example of the contempt for the left that Obama has. I think Obama just resents any criticism, period. During the 2008 campaign he told Daily Kos that he hoped that progressives would continue to hold him accountable and speak out about issues they cared about if he became President. Boy, he’ll say anything, won’t he? I don’t know why someone in the media doesn’t read his remarks back to him so we can hear him explain Obama Then and Now. I guess he gives so few media interviews that the only way they can get access to him is by being uber-deferential and asking easy questions.

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One Comment on “Barack Obama and His Corporate Friends Toss Elizabeth Warren Under the Bus *updated*”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Elizabeth Warren rocks! Hopefully she’ll run for Senate from MA.

    Obama is a fraud. Too bad his supporters didn’t see that in 2008. We tried to tell them he wasn’t a progressive.


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