Obama Maintains Support of Jewish Voters, But “Distrust” Still Remains…

There’s been a lot of fear-mongering in the media about how Obama could lose a significant portion of the Jewish vote as a result of his policies towards Israel.

These poll results, however, beg to differ.

Even that poll suggests that there still seems to be a lot of distrust in the Jewish community regarding the President’s Mideast policies which makes me wonder, what exactly do they want? The Obama administration has reportedly gone on a full court press to try to convince Jewish Democrats that he only has eyes for Israel. Given that the Obama administration has offered up a record amount of economic, military and diplomatic support for Israel, what exactly is the problem with his Mideast policies? What exactly does the Jewish community support when it comes to Israel? If they don’t want a two state solution unless Israel doesn’t have to give up anything, then they should just come out and say that. Being allies is a two way street and it’s not just up to Obama to keep the U.S.-Israel relationship in tip-top shape. It takes two to tango.

Does the Jewish community have any distrust of Israel’s far, far right-wing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has basically treated Obama like his waiter? Doesn’t Israel have a responsibility to treat the United States, and our President, with some modicum of respect? Because I sure don’t hear too many complaints about Bibi Netanyahu. Sure, I hear some, but most of what I hear are complaints about how terribly unfair Obama has been to Israel, which is an utter fiction based on misrepresentation and lies. What was it that was so unfair of Obama? The Obama administration asked Israel to stop building illegal settlements beyond the Green Light so that peace negotiations could commence, in accordance with longstanding U.S. policy. Israel refused after a partial, temporary moratorium on some building so the administration then totally backed off it’s request. The Obama administration made it known they were frustrated after Netanyahu continued to publicly announce more illegal settlement expansion, conveniently timed during official U.S. or Israeli visits, making the U.S. look ineffective. Is that really such a big deal? No, not really, but some have made it out to be the crime of the century and tried to argue that it demonstrates Obama’s deep resentment of Israel, his empathy for the Palestinians and his latent anti-Semitism. Total rubbish.

What else has the administration done? Well, the U.S. was the sole veto on the UN settlement resolution, which made us look hypocritical and caused us to lose even more legitimacy in the Arab world. Then the U.S. did everything in its power to prevent [successfully] the Flotilla from taking off from Greece. Of course, don’t forget that after Obama took office the U.S. helped kill the Goldstone Report and then last year we totally whitewashed the killing of nine people on the previous flotilla despite the fact that an American was among the dead. Now, the U.S. State Dept, White House and Ambassador Rice are spending countless hours trying to sabotage the Palestinians’ UN bid for statehood. And I won’t even bring up all the public statements, speeches etc. outlining how the U.S. has an “unshakeable,” “eternal,” commitment to Israel and its security. I could go on and on. And yet, people are still complaining despite there being absolutely nothing for them to complain about, given the actual FACTS outlined above.

I am wondering, what do people expect of Benjamin Netanyahu? Anything? Is Israel committed to the United States? If so, how exactly has the Netanyahu government demonstrated that?

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2 Comments on “Obama Maintains Support of Jewish Voters, But “Distrust” Still Remains…”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    This fear-mongering about the jewish vote is just a clever political strategy to keep Obama in line re: Israel. Have you noticed that since the push-back and all the talk about how angry the J-community is, the administration has totally backed off Israel and has been grabbing its ankles? That WaPo article you linked to is the perfect example of how the Obama admin. has fallen for it hook line and sinker. As you like to say, this is why nothing ever changes.

    After the sh*t Bibi pulled when he came to the WH and Congress, the Obama admin. should have told him to f*ck off and for that matter, the Jewish community should have to b/c it was a disgrace.

    Obama’s not worried about the whole Jewish vote he’s worried about the big-time campaign donors who may be threatening not to give. Most Jewish people I know wouldn’t vote for Bachman if their life depended on it. Are some going to vote GOP? Sure but so what? Some gay people vote for the GOP too. No one voting block is monolithic.

    Has it ever occurred to the Jewish community that the problem is not Obama but Bibi? That he’s a total disaster for Israel? Even Likudnik Jeffrey Goldberg seems to have reached that conclusion.



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