The Israeli Right Has Totally Lost It

At least J-Post lets their racism hang right out there in the open. I’m not even going to excerpt it. Basically, they want to draw attention away from the fact that the Norway killer, Anders Breivik, was a far, far right Islamophobe and Zionist and to the importance of his message- that, in their view, multiculturalism has failed. Now, when they say “multiculturalism” what they mean is “Muslims living with us.” In other words, they seem to think that Breivik’s political ideas weren’t all that bad but it’s just such a shame he acted so violently and gave the namsy pamsy Islam-loving left a reason to hate on the righties.

If only those dark people would leave the White Christians and Jews alone and not try to live in our neighborhoods!

It sort of sounds like an argument Adolf Hitler would have made- in fact, I believe he initially placed Jewish people in ghettos and isolated them politically, socially and geographically (prior to sending them to concentration camps) because among other things, he believed that assimilation with Jewish people was abhorrent to the Aryans and that they (Jewish people) posed a risk. Then of course it escalated from there.

Can you imagine if we took the J-Post article and everywhere it said Muslim or anything relating to Islam or Muslims, we replaced it with the word “Jew” or “Jewish?” How do you think they’d feel about that? It would be pretty offensive, wouldn’t it? Yes it would. In fact, it would be downright anti-Semitic.

But it’s Muslims so it’s ok.

To see so many in Israel use the same rhetoric and same justifications for their racism is truly depressing.

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4 Comments on “The Israeli Right Has Totally Lost It”

  1. Pilgrim Says:

    Good Lord. I have no more patience within me for these Zionists and fundamentalists of all persuasions.


  2. thainjacobs Says:

    That editorial is disgusting. Talk about politicizing a tragedy. I’m so sure that if Jews had been targeted that JPost would be defending the viewpoints expressed by the killer. Seriously, what is wrong with the Jewish right? Do they understand that this guy is basically a preppy neo-Nazi that doesn’t hate Jews ONLY because he found someone better to hate- Muslims? The fact that this guy was a Christian Zionist should cause some serious soul-searching among not just Israelis but American Jews. Zionism is based on the premise of exclusion and guards against cultural/religious/ethnic assimilation. It’s racist. That’s the reason why so many neo-Nazis are now embracing Israel as a cause. But rather than question that, the Zionbots- including liberal Jews- mindlessly champion anyone who supports Israel.

    I was watching interviews of Norwegian people and leaders and they responded much better than we would here in the US- they said that this is a wake up call to guard against this kind of xenophobia and Islamophobia and they would become more tolerant as a result. They said they would do everything to ensure that this asshole’s vision never occurs in their country. They spoke about tolerance and acceptance. What do we do here in the US? Huddle in a fetal position and lash out at Muslims and oppose Mosques and our political leaders announce they’d never hire a Muslim to serve on their staff. Go America! We’re becoming more like Israel every day- which is EXACTLY what Israel wants- misery loves company.


  3. Steve Says:

    Here is another example of the racism in Israel in the article below- there are many Israelis who believe that there should be no social/professional/educational contact between Jews and Muslims- they are proudly anti-assimilation and they hide behind their religious views. Would we tolerate that view in the US today? How would it go over if Churches went back to preaching that Blacks and Whites shouldn’t marry because that wasn’t part of the creator’s plan?

    Stacy posted an article a while back about the “Jews only” apartment listing. I’ve got news for you, that is not at all uncommon. It’s why my Israeli wife didn’t want us to raise our son in Israel b/c the schools, synogogues, summer camps, etc. are so anti-Arab and opposed to any intermingling of Jews and Arabs.

    Israel is becoming increasingly a nation of ultra-conservative religious extremist Jews on the one hand and secular, ultra-nationalistic Jews on the other and it’s not going anywhere good.

    Some of my friends think all the hype about apartheid is wrong and just fear-mongering from the left- they think it would never come to that because Jews around the world wouldn’t let it happen. I tell them that it already IS happening- there already is a partial apartheid system in place and soon it could be official policy. Israeli Jews and the diaspora most certainly WILL let it happen because they aren’t speaking out now. Whenever someone says “apartheid” the knee-jerk response of my fellow co-religionists is “those people calling Israel an apartheid system are anti-Semitic.”

    Stacy mentioned in another post that Israelis hide behind security and the occupation to deny there is apartheid- she’s right. Ironically the occupation allows Israel to enact apartheid policies w/o it formally being considered apartheid. I guess the question is, at what point does the world officially recognize it as such. What is the legal standard for Apartheid? I honestly don’t know.


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