Video: Palestinian Youths in E. Jerusalem Abducted by IDF While Playing Soccer

I’m sorry, but this is not how a democracy acts:

Some are saying they might have been abducted on suspicion of throwing stones. Or not. Not that it matters. Once a Palestinian is accused of stone-throwing they usually end up in jail even if they are not guilty and even if they are as young as 10.

One of the arguments the Israel Right or Wrong crowd makes is “people unfairly single out Israel for criticism but not other democracies.” What other democracies do this? Non-democracies like China and faux democracies like Iran do this.

The reason no one is outraged is because few know about these tactics of harassing and terrorizing young Palestinians as a form of collective punishment. As noted over on +972 where the video was posted, this is asymmetrical warfare where one side, Israel, has all the power.

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3 Comments on “Video: Palestinian Youths in E. Jerusalem Abducted by IDF While Playing Soccer”

  1. Tres Says:

    Great blog, found you on Zimbio.

    Wow. Did they really need like 15 soldiers armed with automatic weapons to take down a couple of unarmed teens with a soccer ball? There is clearly no security threat there and so it can’t be justified in the name of security.

    Israel wonders why the Pals resent them? How would Israeli Jews like it if they were treated like that?

    Why is it that everything israel does is done with the use of excessive force? Everything is overkill and over the top. Then when they are criticized for using excessive force Israel cries they are being denied the right to defend themselves.

    at what point is Israel becoming sadistic in its treatment of the Palestinians? They seem to take pride in and enjoy causing pain, humiliation and suffering.

    Remember this is our tax money at work.


    • Stacy Says:

      Thanks Tres.

      I’m surprised more people don’t find this video shocking. To me it’s the sort of thing one would expect to see in China or Iran.


  2. Carrot Says:

    Although disturbing, Carrot notes that if the Israeli’s will, as they have been recording doing in the past, shoot and kill CHILDREN no older than thirteen or fourteen years of age for throwing stones at the massive Israeli tanks, then the Israeli’s certainly must act vigorously and swiftly to protect themselves and their vulnerable equipment from thrown stones from all sources.
    Carrot adds that it’s simply a matter of physics. Stones thrown by what appear to be adolescents will kill tanks and other equipment much more quickly than stones thrown by children. Therein lies the dilemma: why shoot a small child for ‘stoning a tank’ and not a large child? But again, why shoot anyone within view of a camera lens?

    Carrot often thinks to herself with both dismay and disgust, “What are those ka-razee Israeli’s up to now!”


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