Israel’s Next War

There’s an interesting article over at the Israeli site +972 about how Benjamin Netanyahu tends to try to increase his domestic popularity when he’s in a jam by engaging in military action. The author makes clear that contrary to the popular mythology, oft repeated by U.S. leaders and the media, Israel has started many of its wars- not all, but many. Cast Lead was the result of an Israeli violation of a ceasefire with Hamas, which the U.S. and Israel then turned around and blamed on those violent, peace-hating Palestinians!

So, who is next? Iran? Hamas in Gaza? Hezbollah in Lebanon? We may find out come late August or early September.

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4 Comments on “Israel’s Next War”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Cool, that means it’s our next war too.

    OT: This is something that has been obvious for some time but which Israel Firsters don’t want to admit. The growing alliance between far, far right Islamophobes in Europe and Israel. Basically these groups in Europe are neo-Nazis who have replaced their antisemitic rhetoric with anti-Arab rhetoric. Interesting that rightwing Israelis (and their compatriots here in the US) don’t get that. Or maybe they do and don’t care. Maybe Israel’s political and moral position is something like “we don’t care about racism so long as it isn’t us being targeted.”,1518,777175,00.html

    So when people talk about Israel being increasingly racist, anti-Muslim and teetering on the edge of apartheid, this is also what they are talking about. Yet the Israel Right or Wrong Crowd says that any labeling of Israel as racist as antisemitic. The US govt says the same thing. So how do they explain this growing alliance between these far right wing hate groups in Europe and Israeli politicians?


  2. TheTruth Says:

    The U.S. should not fight any wars on behalf of Israel. Israel’s nuclear program is the result of decades of theft of classified US technology and weapon grade uranium. The spies for Israel who engaged in the theft were almost all Americans.

    What right does the US and Israel have to tell any other country what nuclear program they can or can’t have. Only one country on earth has dropped a nuclear weapon – the U.S. and not once but twice. Not only did the US drop two nuclear bombs but they dropped them on civilian targets in order to psychologically devastate the Japanese people. War crimes.

    Israel not only steals the technological specs and reverse engineers their nuclear weapons technology but they do this with almost every aspect of your country’s military technology and intellectual property. Why do you Americans put up with this? China does the same thing to the U.S. and Germany. If Israel is your great ally why do they commit crimes against you? Do you commit crimes against them? Name one American spy against Israel or one Israeli who became a spy for the U.S. against Israel? Don’t bother, you won’t be able to come up with one.

    The power of the Lobby and proof that AIPAC controls your foreign policy- see the part about Jane Harman working with AIPAC to get a reduced sentence for Rosen (case was dropped of course) in return for them helping her get the top intelligence position in the House of Reps:

    The Harman case disappeared the media almost as soon as it appeared. Even your members of Congress are willing to commit crimes for the Lobby. This is how AIPAC operates and is able to control Congress.

    Shame on the U.S.


  3. thainjacobs Says:

    Slightly OT- This isn’t a recent article but it encapsulates everything that is wrong with the mindset of the Israel lobby- the way they try to make it sound like Israel is in the weaker position with respect to the palestinians, the constant pressure to prevent US presidents from nudging Israel, the blind loyalty to any Israeli leader no matter how anti-peace they are.

    It’s simply proof positive that the I-lobby controls our Mideast foreign policy because everything articulated in that article has come to pass- after initially showing a backbone Obama has now become the lobby’s lapdog, lashing out at the Palestinians, ignoring Israel’s worsening violations of international law and even walking back on his Mideast speech about 1967 lines- after being criticized so harshly for it, according to Dan Levy, the State Dept. and WH tried to water it down in the recent Quartet meeting.

    If the Jewish community doesn’t agree with AIPAC and the lobby now would be a really good time to speak up. Thing is, I think they do agree even if they don’t want to admit it- Israel as a Jewish only state, Jerusalem undivided, a demilitarized palestinian state, Greater Israel going all the way to the Jordan Valley, no right of return, and on and on. In other words no Palestinian state that any Palestinian leader could ever agree too.

    A recent poll by J Street showed US Jews have a more favorable opinion of Bibi than of Obama. So what that tells me is that they are empowering Bibi to treat our President, whom I don’t really care for btw, like sh*t. So that also tells me that 2% of the US population controls 100% of our Mideast foreign policy and how’s that working out for us? Not really so well.


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