Planned Parenthood in Texas Attacked with Molotov Cocktail & No One Seems to Care

Just another day in the War Against Women.

A Planned Parenthood health facility in Texas was targeted for attack last week and no one really seems to have taken much notice. Luckily no one was at the clinic at the time because the attack happened at night:

McKinney police are investigating a case of arson at the Planned Parenthood clinic.

Police said they responded after the fire department got a call of a fire at the clinic on West Eldorado Parkway near U.S. 75. This was just before Midnight on Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood of North Texas said someone threw an ignited container of diesel fuel that smashed the outer glass of the front door and started a small fire around the door and on the sidewalk.


Planned Parenthood said this is the first time one of its 21 health centers in North Texas has been attacked with some kind of incendiary device and called it “alarming.”

The McKinney clinic provides women’s health and reproductive services, but does not perform abortions, according to Planned Parenthood.

The clinic opened in June 2008 and frequently draws anti-abortion protesters who have demonstrated without incident.

Uh, arson? Well, I guess so. But maybe another charge might be in order? If I toss a Molotov cocktail at a Church or Synagogue or at the U.S. Congress building am I really only going to be investigated for arson?

Over at Salon’s War Room they have an article up about how no one really seems to care much about this attack or what it signifies:

…You might’ve read about the news [of the attack] on Twitter or on a liberal blog. Probably not in a newspaper or on a cable new channel. Definitely not at any right-wing blogs. Which is a bit odd, actually, considering how much attention terrorist attacks generally get in this country.

Oh, sorry, how much attention possible Islamic terrorist attacks get.

Planned Parenthood, in case you haven’t been paying attention, has been the focus of a flood of political attacks — both rhetorical and legislative — since approximately the minute the Republicans who were elected in 2010 took office across the nation. James O’Keefe shopped around one of his trademark shamelessly misleading video “stings.” Glenn Beck devoted an hour to falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of various heinous crimes. The major right-wing pundits have stepped up the hysterical anti-reproductive rights rhetoric as multiple states attempted to defund the organization. The right has even moved on to attacking contraception, as if it doesn’t even want people to believe that its goal isn’t to control women’s bodies.

The National Review’s the Corner has run multiple posts on some pro-life “study” accusing Planned Parenthood of “systemic, organization-wide fraud and abuse” and even human trafficking “at this federally funded billion-dollar abortion business.” One of them said, “Where is the Media,” and bemoaned the fact that the mainstream press was supposedly “ignoring” the report, which got a major press conference with multiple members of Congress and coverage in Politico and the Hill.

But, weirdly, this Planned Parenthood news has not been mentioned at the National Review.

Maybe if it turns out that the person responsible was Muslim, it’ll get some coverage.

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One Comment on “Planned Parenthood in Texas Attacked with Molotov Cocktail & No One Seems to Care”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    I usually read Salon’s War Room a couple of times a day and I missed that. I had no idea this happened. I follow the news pretty closely (but not television news) and I didn’t see this story.

    I don’t understand what’s going on. Tons of anti-choice laws have been enacted. This couldn’t be happening unless the Democrats were also taking part.

    In 2011 there have been more anti-choice laws passed than ever before:

    They are chipping away at Roe v. Wade which at this point seems to be nothing but symbolic. What good is it to have a right to abortion under the Constitution if women don’t have any providers or if the laws are so restrictive that no one can get one? The state laws should be struck down but thanks to years of Republican Supreme Court appointees they stay on the books.

    Why aren’t people more upset about this?


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