Brilliant, Really.

Apparently the Blue Dog Democrats aren’t finished pissing all over our economy just yet:

One of the big victories by tea-party Republicans in the debt-ceiling measure signed into law Tuesday was securing a requirement that Congress vote later this year on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

The measure would need a two-thirds vote in each chamber, and then ratification by 38 states, to succeed. And most observers believe passage in the Democratic-controlled Senate is all but impossible.

Enter Sen. Mark Udall, the centrist Democrat from Colorado, who has introduced an amendment proposal and said Tuesday that Democratic leaders have chosen his legislation to be considered in the fall.

President Obama and other senior Democrats have opposed any balanced-budget amendment, but the idea is popular with many voters – particularly independents, who are growing more fiscally conservative.


Both measures would require that the president submit and Congress pass balanced budgets. And both provide for exemptions in wartime.

I guess it wasn’t enough to help kill meaningful health care reform so now the blue dogs are going to toss around a balanced budget amendment. Even John McCain said that was a stupid move. What is the point of being a Democrat anymore? Seriously.

Never mind a balanced budget amendment has never ever succeeded and it’s just a political ploy to appeal to the Grover Norquist fanboys. But hey, our elected officials aren’t there to lead and come up with constructive solutions to the nation’s problems. No, they are there to posture and try to appeal to the mythological “fiscally conservative independents” that the media keeps blathering on about. Kind of like the media kept hyping up the Debt Ceiling Catastrophe despite the fact that every single poll showed most Americans cared more about creating jobs than dealing with the national debt. And that’s because cutting the national debt doesn’t put food on the table, make it easier to refinance a mortgage or build bridges. But of course, the media elites don’t “get” that because they have a job which earns them millions of dollars a year, so who really cares about some Joe Schmo carpenter in East Suckerville that has nothing to build because no one’s spending money, no one is investing in infrastructure and the housing market is in the crapper?

So, balanced budget amendment it is! Go Democrats!

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4 Comments on “Brilliant, Really.”

  1. Sahir Says:

    The blue dogs are terrible. They should just become republicans and call it a day because all they do is obstruct progressive policies. At least Evan Bayh is gone because he was the worst. He shilled for corporate interests for years in the Senate and now he’s being rewarded with tens of millions by those very same corporations. He is also a Fox News analyst which pretty much says it all.


  2. discourseincsharpminor Says:

    Ok, so after the balanced budget amendment, what’s next? An amendment to bestow “personhood” upon a potential human life at the point the potential parents start removing their clothing? An amendment saying that this country is a Christian nation which opens the door to all sorts of rights infringing? An amendment that says the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about? Seriously, how many amendments will it take to get us to 2012?


  3. tovah8 Says:

    Hey, but according to the NYT luxury spending is up, so apparently rich people are doing well. They are buying boats, second homes, jewelry, travel. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider.

    I was thinking- the only thing that keeps the masses from rising up against these Wall ST. banksters and their protectors in the WH and Congress is the ideological wars. I think the reason our leaders and elite commentators/pundits talk about the debt ceiling, big govt etc. is to distract people from what’s going on and prevent them from rising up against them. The hatred between the left and right keeps us from joining together and rising up against the war against the middle class.


    • discourseincsharpminor Says:

      It’s easier to know who to really campaign to when it’s so easy to see the difference between who can donate their time and money and who is of no use to you. Both ends of the ideological spectrum benefit from times of happy plutocrats. They just have to keep the little people financially secure enough not to fall apart. As long as the bills are able to be paid every month, the fact that the fat cats are getting so fat they may or may not be ambulatory is not supposed to be a concern. Those who do mention it are usually deemed ungrateful wingnuts.


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