Clearly the Only Language the Palestinians Know is Violence

Oh, but wait:

The Palestinian Authority has ordered its security forces to prevent demonstrations planned for September from escalating into violent confrontations with Israel, especially in potential friction points like the roadblocks and settlements.

Senior Palestinian Authority figures issued the orders to the Palestinian security forces in recent weeks out of concern that there may be violent clashes between thousands of Palestinian demonstrators and Israel Defense Forces at the end of September, following a vote at the United Nations General Assembly for recognition of a Palestinian state.

In similar messages relayed to the IDF, the PA made clear that it intended to prevent largescale violent protests which would heighten tensions and undermine security cooperation between the two sides.

Last week PA President Mahmoud Abbas called on all Palestinians to participate in non-violent marches which are part of a series of events planned by the Authority for late September. Earlier this week, the General Secretary of the PLO Executive Committee, Yasser Abed Rabbo, announced that plans to hold a mass rally on September 20 when UN deliberations in New York begin.

Wow, they sure seem dedicated to Israel’s destruction, don’t they?

I wonder how long the Obama administration is going to ignore/misrepresent the growing Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement? Probably until the last inch of Palestinian land is appropriated by Israel. Whenever the State Dept. or White House talks about the rights of the people in the Arab world to peacefully protest or the right to realize their full potential, they aren’t talking about Palestinians- they are talking about Syrians and Iranians. When unarmed Iranians or Syrians are killed by their government security forces it is tragic and inhumane, when unarmed Palestinians are killed they asked for it. After all, how dare they delegitimize the Jewish state by speaking out against the Occupation.

In other news, Israel is set to pass another bill which chips away at what little is left of its democracy, all in the name of “Judaization.” The title of the article is about getting rid of Arabic as one of Israel’s official languages but that’s not the real thrust of the article- the real damage of the bill is its attempt to bolster an ethnocracy at the expense of democratic principles. When given a choice between being a Jewish state that legally, socially, and geographically privileges one group of people over all others or being a democracy that seeks to value and uphold the rights of all its’ citizens, Israel has chosen the former. I wonder how long the U.S. is going to continue with the fiction that Israel is the Middle East’s “only democracy?”

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