LOL: Debating the Debate about the Middle East

August 5, 2011


This just cracks me up:

A little background on this- there is currently a YouTube war going on where people are making tons of these videos using the Xtranormal software and each time a person creates one from the right-wing Israeli perspective someone rushes to create another one (like this one above) from the Palestinian perspective.


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3 Comments on “LOL: Debating the Debate about the Middle East”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    That is too funny. I saw something about these cartoons on twitter but wasn’t really sure what people were talking about. So when I went to youtube via the link from your video above I saw at least 20 new videos all using that animation software- it’s the Zionists vs. the pro-peace folks. I think we’re winning 😉

    On another note, I came across this post over at the blog Occupied Palestine and while I knew that Israel illegally used depleted uranium and white phosphorus during Cast Lead, I really wasn’t aware of the effects of those compounds. Warning: VERY GRAFFIC IMAGES AT LINK BELOW!

    The reason I bring this up is that this is what our government is supporting. In all likelihood, the illegal chemical weapons used against men, women and children in Gaza were likely either purchased from US companies (like all their tear gas etc. is) or US funds helped underwrite their purchase.


  2. thainjacobs Says:

    OT: I just came across the transcript from a 20/20 special about the five Israeli men who were filming the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and they had a whole elaborate set-up and were seen smiling and laughing as the attacks took place. The FBI and CIA believe they were all Israeli intelligence agents and there was a question of whether they had any foreknowledge of the event.

    I bring this up because I was also reading about the Pollard case (the spy for Israel against the US- the entire Congress seems to want Obama to release him) and I am baffled by how the US tolerates Israeli espionage against the US.

    In the 20/20 special it was sort of lame because Barbara Walters was trying to argue that it was a “nasty rumor” that five Israelis were celebrating on the top of a white van and filming it when the towers came down but then throughout the show they interview FBI and CIA and it ends up looking a lot like something was up. The men had multiple passports on them, thousands of dollars in cash and when there names were run through US intelligence databases they showed up as possible Mossad agents.

    Now, I am in no way a 9-11 truther nor am I claiming or implying Israel had ANYTHING to do with the terrorist attacks b/c I don’t believe for a minute they did. I was just re-reading the transcript of the 20/20 show and while the agenda of 20/20 was clearly to try to put to rest the rumors that Israel may have withheld some intelligence about what was going on, the show does just the opposite- it ends up raising more questions than it answers. I have the whole transcript of the show if anyone is interested, unfortunately I lost the link but I could probably find it.

    But here’s my question- Is Israel really such a great ally? It seems like they are constantly taking part in espionage against us, they have stolen tons of nuclear and other military technology from us and used it to reverse engineer, they treat our President like dirt while at the same time demanding more money, weapons and security guarantees etc. So each time I see Hillary or Obama talking about Israel, I am kind of struck by how they trip over themselves talking about the super-special, warm fuzzy relationship with Israel.

    If anything, the US is sort of acting like an abused spouse at this point. Israel keeps beating us up and we come back for more. I am not making light of domestic violence but there seems to be some twisted psychology at play in this special relationship.


    • Carolyn-Rodham Says:

      A better analogy might be the Emperor (Israel) has no clothes but no-one dares say so because his thugs (the Lobby) will make sure your head is removed (you lose your seat in Congress).


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