The Rich are Getting Richer, the Middle Class is Disappearing But Hey, the Military Industrial Complex is Doing Well!

We are a nation in decline. Defense spending continues to increase, labor unions and public employees are being scapegoated for our economic problems, the tax code favors the rich and on and on. Some millionaires in the U.S. paid zero income tax as did many of the largest U.S. corporations. And no, those defense “cuts” you are hearing about aren’t really cuts in any real sense of the word- it’s a statistical ruse where they are counting future spending as cuts- see this article here for a good explanation of how the White House and Congress have been lying about this (and this article too). Of course, despite making out like a bandit, Obama’s new Defense chief, Leon Panetta, is already whining about how the trigger provision in the debt ceiling bill is completely unacceptable if it allows defense cuts. You see, it doesn’t matter who is Defense Secretary- their job is to pander to the Military Industrial Complex and keep the military happy by ensuring future wars and lots of nice, expensive toys. Some people thought Panetta would be a refreshing change and that he would usher in an era of responsible defense cuts. Wrong! Of course, Secretary Panetta speaks for Barack Obama which means that Obama, despite claims to the contrary, has no intention of doing anything about the bloated defense budget.

And no matter how well the super-rich are doing under President Barack Obama, they seem intent on whining and moaning about how he’s not very nice to them. Some of this folks should be wearing orange jumpsuits right about now based on all the games they played which led to the global financial meltdown, but instead they are making record profits while the rest of the country crashes and burns. They should be sending Obama gift baskets thanking him for propping them up at the expense of the middle class. Obama is just another corporatist democrat who every once in a while uses populist language to sugar-coat his anti-working class policies.

This country is doomed.

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4 Comments on “The Rich are Getting Richer, the Middle Class is Disappearing But Hey, the Military Industrial Complex is Doing Well!”

  1. solutions777 Says:

    Why is everyone such ideoloGODS’s? Maybe it is simply a bad case of envy or jealousy. Just because someone does not like the current economic structure of the United States, does not make that structure wrong or evil. No one is government knows anything about economics; how to create jobs, keep prices from rising, bring prosperity to Americans or why the economy does what it does. If the government did everything every ranter(is this a word) wanted, the economy would only get worse. People are never going to get what they want, but they will get what they deserve.(A paraphrase borrowed without permission from Bill Bonner).


  2. Steve Says:

    The US has just been downgraded by S&P and media hasnt been reporting one of the big reasons why- the lack of tax/revenue increases in the debt ceiling bill and extension of Bush tax cuts.

    But let’s have another billion dollar a week war!
    When is the media going to openly challenge the president about the lack of real defense cuts in the debt legislation?

    China is laughing their asses off right now.

    I hope we increase our aid to Israel b/c it’s not like we need it! Same goes for Afghanistan & Pakistan.


  3. discourseincsharpminor Says:

    Further cuts aren’t the panecea they’re being made out to be. The private sector has two trillion dollars or more that it’s just holding onto, for ‘safe keeping’ I guess, and they are refusing to do much hiring in the US. Why would they when they’re incentivized to outsource as much as they can? Revenue is dropping because, with so many out of work, there are less taxes coming in. Some of these cuts, according to some statements by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, seem to be being aimed at programs for the unemployed and the poor to try to get them to look for a job (as if poverty itself isn’t a motivator). The best way to increase revenue is to get people back to work and a good source of non-outsourcable jobs would be a targeted infrastructure updating program. This would require government funding and this Cut-Cut-Congress will certainly never go for it.

    If we had programs in place that created jobs and some strong “Nothing to fear but fear itself” leadership, I think this country would have a brighter outlook and more economic stability.


    • Stacy Says:

      Yes, the banks and corporations are sitting on top of their heaps of money, much of which came from TARP (which they then invested to make hundreds of millions more) rather than putting it back into the economy. This was why the bank/financial bail-out was such a disaster and Elizabeth Warren was right about this which is why the Obama admin. turned on her- by giving these corporations so much money with ZERO strings attached, they can get away with doing this.

      Most Americans don’t know this because the media doesn’t cover it- some of the economic pain the middle class is experiencing is a direct result of the largest multinational US corporations holding onto this money.

      Right now in Israel, almost half a million people are marching in the streets due to the cost of living and housing. I give them credit for organizing like that. Why doesn’t the progressive movement here do that- or better yet, we shouldn’t make it about liberal vs. conservative, but just ordinary people. There is a war- a war on the middle class and a war on the public sector and unions. Can you imagine hundreds of thousands of people going to Washington DC and propping up tents all over the place?


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