Israel Just Approved Plan to Build Thousands of New Homes in Occupied East Jerusalem

Haaretz has the story here. I’m sure the U.S. media will be all over this story, right? I’m sure the Obama administration will denounce this flagrant disregard for international law. HAHAHAHA, just kidding!

It’s interesting that the Obama administration is spinning like a top and expending a significant amount of diplomatic effort in order to try to prevent the Palestinians from going to the UN- the administration has even threatened the Palestinians with withholding funds and according to reports yesterday, they told the Palestinians that the U.S.-Palestinian relationship would change significantly for the worse if they go to the U.N. All this despite the fact that both Obama and Secretary Clinton have said the UN declaration of statehood would change nothing and that it would merely be symbolic. And yet, the Israelis continue to change the facts on the ground by engaging in illegal settlement expansion. The ongoing settlement construction is hardly just symbolic- in fact, it unfairly gives the Israelis a huge advantage in final status negotiations since the settlements will prevent the Palestinian state from having contiguous borders. In addition, the building in and around East Jerusalem make it less and less likely that the Palestinians will be able to have it as their capital.

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