Woo Hoo! Elizabeth Warren May Run for the Senate!

If she runs, I will gladly volunteer for her campaign as she will be challenging Tea Party dunce Scott Brown of Massachusetts (where I live). It would be so nice to have faith in a politician again.

From Huffington Post:

ormer Obama adviser and longtime consumer protection advocate Elizabeth Warren is moving toward a Senate run, several Democratic sources tell the Huffington Post.

The Massachusetts resident and Harvard Law School professor authored a post for an influential progressive state-based blog on Thursday afternoon pledging that she would not “stop fighting for middle class families.” The article prompted a slew of speculation that Warren was poised to take on sitting Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

Additional information relayed from Massachusetts Democratic sources suggest she’s even more serious about launching a campaign. Warren is currently being assisted by two influential Democratic operatives in the state: Doug Rubin, the chief strategist for Gov. Deval Patrick’s two successful statewide runs, and Kyle Sullivan, Patrick’s press secretary for his first term. She has also begun making a series of calls to influential activists and party officials in the state, including one to the Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman John Walsh on Thursday, a Massachusetts Democrat tells the Huffington Post.

The current plan is to spend the “next few weeks listening to residents across Massachusetts, calling activists, party leaders and elected officials,” the source relays. A final decision is expected after Labor Day.

All told, the signs point to a likely run by Warren, in what could quickly shape up to be one of the most closely watched Senate races in the cycle.

Warren recently stepped down as an adviser to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, amid speculation that Republicans in Congress would not confirm her for a permanent post with the organization she helped create. Her blog post on Thursday reflected on her work in setting up the agency while forecasting that her time in the political spotlight wasn’t coming to an abrupt end.

“In the weeks ahead, I want to hear from you about the challenges we face and how we get our economy growing again,” she wrote in her post on Blue Mass Group. “I also want to hear your ideas about how we can fix what all of us — regardless of party — know is a badly broken political system.”

UPDATE: 6:00 p.m. — A Democratic source adds a little more color to the decision making going on with Warren.

“She is spending several hours today making calls around the state, governor, lieutenant governor, congressional delegation, party leaders, and grassroots activists,” the source emailed. “The calls will continue for the next couple of days so she can have as many personal conversations as possible. She will start traveling early next week doing one on one meetings, small group get togethers, all very casual.”

Given how poorly Team Obama treated her- they made it clear they found her very threatening and just as the Clinton administration ganged up on and pushed out Brooksley Born (who warned of the coming global financial crisis), the Obama administration sided with Geithner, Summers and the boys and pushed out Warren.

Run Elizabeth Run!

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7 Comments on “Woo Hoo! Elizabeth Warren May Run for the Senate!”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    She had no chance of being confirmed, but it would have been nice to see Obama stand up for her a little. That’s great she’s running for Senate. Hope she wins. 🙂


  2. Carolyn-Rodham Says:

    Great news!
    @Ben – we haven’t given up hope that Hillary will run in 2016! ; )


  3. Steve Says:

    I hope Warren runs- corporations will dump huge amounts of $$ into Scott Brown’s coffers b/c they hate her but grass roots progressives from all over the country will help her win and give money.

    The sad thing is that I bet Obama doesn’t want her to run b/c even though she’s a democrat she is far too ethical, principled and pro- middle class than he is and there is no way she would support the BS he’s doing.

    I read an article a couple of months ago where anonymous administration officials spoke to the media and criticized Warren and made clear they didn’t support her to run the CFPA in any capacity other than an interim one. They thought she was pushy, a loose cannon (ie. not easily controlled) and too pro/consumer. But in


  4. Steve Says:

    Oops hit send too soon. Anyway in 2008 Obama had Warren campaign with him A few times and of course he said he agreed with her on everything – but once he was elected and had an opportunity to put her in an important position to effect change, he threw her under the bus. Common theme with him.


    • Pilgrim Says:

      Yeah, he would do that — use Warren for his own prospects, and then, as you say, throw her under the bus, which he certainly has done in the matter of the consumer post. I do believe he doesn’t like her. (Who does Obama like?) But all his efforts notwithstanding Hillary still won big in Massachusetts. Would be sweet if Warren rounded on him there. Would be sweet if she won in ’11 and he didn’t.

      If she runs, Stacey will work for her, and we will hear about it from Stacey. Which would be good.

      I realize Rick Brown has the advantage. Actually, he hasn’t been so very bad. Not as bad as others in that party.


  5. discourseincsharpminor Says:

    Yay! I hope she runs.


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