A Nice Double Standard: How Israel Responds to Nonviolent Protest

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish Israelis have taken to the streets in recent weeks, demanding economic justice. It’s a truly inspiring scene in Tel Aviv and elsewhere. In response, the police have acted with restraint, even in a few instances where things got a little out of hand. What will happen if the Palestinians peacefully take to the streets in September in support of their statehood bid at the United Nations? Per the Israeli government, they can expect gas canisters, smoke, the full force of the Israeli Defense Forces and if necessary, live bullets.

I guess some lives are just worth more than others.

UPDATE: The IDF raids a West Bank village five times this month for no reason whatsoever. Residents say they think the Israeli military is practicing for September. This is just blatant, illegal harassment. I thought the West Bank was largely under Palestinian control? I guess not if the IDF can just come in and attack a village whenever they damn well please. Oh, but it’s self defense for Israel, right? Self defense against what? It’s nothing but bullying and provocation. Perhaps Israel is hoping for the Palestinians to become violent so they (the IDF) will have an excuse to kill as many of them as possible. How much can any person put up with? How many Americans would tolerate this kind of provocation without fighting back? Rather than denouncing the Palestinians we should be commending them for their incredible patience in NOT taking the bait and responding with violence.

No wonder Israel is so afraid all the time- they are afraid the world is seeing them for what they really are.

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One Comment on “A Nice Double Standard: How Israel Responds to Nonviolent Protest”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    The PA has said over and over they are doing everything to prevent violence in September. There is zero indication there will be any and yet the Israelis are preparing for all out war.

    Thanks for this post because quite honestly, I haven’t seen anyone in the media or even the blogosphere point this out; hundreds of thousands of mostly Jewish people protest in the streets in Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel and not one gas canister is fired at them. Yet all it takes for the IDF to be called in to gas and shoot, maim and kill is for about 10-20 Palestinians to be seen in a field and it turns to all out war but with only one side armed.

    I wish someone would ask Secy Clinton why she thinks that Palestinians don’t have the right to nonviolent protest against the Occupation?

    OT: regarding the traitors in Congress being in Israel right now. The trip has received minimal coverage in the MSM. From Alison Weir:

    “Taking a similar tack, the New York Times, USA Today, Fox News, CNN, ABC, et al, failed to inform Americans about the trips. (The Washington Post, after the story was posted throughout the blogosphere, finally covered it belatedly on page 13. The CBS website had a story on the situation, but CBS news made no mention of the junkets on-air.)

    You see, this is the thing- the media keeps Americans ignorant of what’s going on out of fear that if they knew they would demand an end to the crazy Israel-centric policies. Why on earth should a lobbying group for a foreign country be able to spend more than $10,000 per member of Congress for this one trip? That’s a low estimate by the way, including air fare. If lobbyists take a member of Congress out for dinner they are not supposed to pay for the whole thing because that constitutes “something of value” and violates ethics rules. But AIPAC’s little sister group can spend thousands to indoctrinate? Give me a fucking break!


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