Egyptian #FlagMan Climbs Up Israeli Embassy and Removes Israeli Flag

Egyptians are pissed. After the IDF crossed the Egyptian border killing several Egyptian security forces the other day, Egyptians are demanding justice. They congregated outside the Israeli embassy by the thousands- something that would have been unheard of under Mubarak- and demanded that the Israeli Ambassador leave (he did). An Egyptian man, now being referred to on Twitter as #Flagman, climbed up the embassy walls (that in itself is an incredible feat) and replaced the Israeli flag with an Egyptian flag.

Several years ago I was in Cairo and I saw the Israeli embassy- from afar- because under Mubarak, no one could get near it, let alone hold a protest there.

Here’s a video of the removal of the flag:

Why does this matter? Because this is more evidence that when and if Egypt becomes anything resembling a true democracy, the leadership (and the military) will be accountable to the people and the people have made clear that Israel will no longer be able to do whatever they damn well please without consequence. You can be sure this is both Israel and the United States’ worst nightmare. It is why we really didn’t want Mubarak to fall.

What we see in that video is the logical consequence of decades of horrible U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and the chickens are coming home to roost. Egypt will not abrogate the Israel-Egypt peace treaty because it’s not in their interest to do so. But they will demand an end to the Gaza blockade and they will demand justice for the death of the Egyptian soldiers. You can bet that over the coming days and weeks you will see the neoconservatives and the Israel Lobby, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, increase their fear-mongering about Egypt and the Arab Spring. We’ll hear a lot about the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists taking over. What you won’t hear a lot about is the fact that Egyptians are simply sick of being the doormat of the U.S. and Israel. I know quite a few Egyptians and they are a proud people- they are proud of their incredible history, their land and they want to once again be a driving force in the Middle East.

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5 Comments on “Egyptian #FlagMan Climbs Up Israeli Embassy and Removes Israeli Flag”

  1. Pilgrim Says:

    I do hope the Egyptians do demand an end to the Gaza blockade.

    That’s a wonderful film. What a HUGE and angry crowd. They will be heard.

    I know some Egyptians too, and I like them. I’m cautious about querying them on this. One of them, when I did broach the topic at the time of the Mubarak fall, seemed to think all might not work out well. They are Coptic Christians and their fellow church folk there have sometimes been set upon by the Muslims, and there have been massacres, so that may not have endeared the islamic majority to them.


  2. Im Says:

    I wonder what you hypocrites have to say about the next video:


  3. Steve Says:

    Hypocrites? Someone needs to teach you some blog manners. You catch more flies with honey, honey. 🙂


  4. Samir S. Halabi Says:

    Maybe an israeli flagman should emulate what the Egyptian flagman did, and take down the Egyptian flag from the Egyptian Embassy In israel and also burn that flag and hear the crowds cheer when that has happened. I thought that post-revolution Egypt would want to show the world how democratic they are, not how barbaric they are. Well the Egyptian flag flying from the Egyptian Embassy in Israel will not be interfered with, because the Jews don’t behave like barbarians.


    • Steve Says:

      I think they were reacting to a breach in their sovereignty when Israeli soldiers crossed into Egypt and killed 5 egypian military soldiers.

      How would Israeli Jews act if Egyptian soldiers crossed into Israel and killed 5 IDF?

      Having lived in Israel and given the far right govt and extremist ideology of many settlers, I think we’d see the exact same thing. Israel would also recall it’s A
      Ambassador which Egypt did not do.


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