WikiLeaks Releases 3,925 State Department Cables on Israel & the U.S. Media Dutifully Ignore It

August 25, 2011

Israel, Journalists, Media

I haven’t had a chance to go to the WikiLeaks site and peruse some of the cables, which I will clearly have to do since the good people at the NYT, WaPo, CNN etc. certainly won’t be summarizing them.

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2 Comments on “WikiLeaks Releases 3,925 State Department Cables on Israel & the U.S. Media Dutifully Ignore It”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Yeah, Think Progress talked about one cable where Israeli FM Lieberman told the US embassy he wanted to transfer all the arabs out of Israel. Now how would people react if some govt leaders said all the Jews should be transferred out? Oh my, that would be worthy of mention, wouldn’t it?

    I’ve looked at some of these cables on the Wiki site and one thing becomes instantly obvious- in addition to our diplomacy with Israel being completely strangled by our obsession with appeasing the Israel Lobby and Jewish community, we absolutely DO know that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is deplorable and their policies increasingly racist. What does the US do about it though? Absolutely nothing out of fear of the lobby.


    • Stacy Says:

      Yeah, I saw that. To Hillary Clinton’s credit, she apparently can’t stand Lieberman which is why she always meets with Ehud Barak instead, even though Lieberman is the foreign minister.


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