Where is the State Department?

I get all kinds of press releases/statements from the State Department whenever someone in Israel breaks a fingernail but what about this?

At least EU High Representative Ashton has the ethics and political will to speak out. She must be so disgusted with the Obama administration’s weakness and pandering to the Israel Lobby.

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3 Comments on “Where is the State Department?”

  1. Pilgrim Says:

    Is there any info on what were the supposed “illegal structures” destroyed by the Israelis?


    • Stacy Says:

      If i remember correctly the IDF removed settler structures and the attack on the Mosque was a price tag attack against Palestinians (even though it was the IDF that removed the structures, not the Palestinians).

      As of today, there have been a whole series of price tag attacks this week against Palestinians- attacks on Mosques, uprooting of olive trees and setting Palestinian land on fire. But what does the State Dept. say? Nada. What if Palestinians burned down a Synagogue in Jerusalem or if they set fire to Jewish lands? We’d sure hear about that, wouldn’t we.

      It’s infuriating. Any basic notion of justice would demand that Israel not only be called out on this nonsense, but diplomatically prevented from doing so by the U.S.


      • Pilgrim Says:

        Thank you.

        You mention feeling “infuriated.” This is a feeling with which I cope over this whole Israel-Palestine outrage. The feeling of rage and intense sorrow I sometimes feel I scarce can bear.

        I am not Jew, I am not Arab, I live in happy circumstances. If I feel this, then what must be the hurts and harms of those cruelly-treated people.


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