State Department Says Israel’s Violation of Palestinian Rights is an ‘Internal Matter’ for Israel

As Kurt Vonnegut would say, “and so it goes.”

From the State Dept. spokeswoman Victoria Nuland:

QUESTION: Can the U.S. confirm the Israeli government’s eviction of Negev Bedouin Palestinians from territory unrecognized by Israel as Palestinian? If so, what do we know about the details of the removal from these communities?

ANSWER: This is an internal Israeli matter concerning Arab citizens of Israel located in Israel’s Negev. We refer you to the Government of Israel.

Well, isn’t that interesting. Then I guess Iran’s treatment of it’s citizens is an “internal matter?” No, of course it’s not. Is Turkey’s crack down on freedom of speech an internal matter for Turkey? It sure wasn’t during the State Dept. press briefing yesterday.

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4 Comments on “State Department Says Israel’s Violation of Palestinian Rights is an ‘Internal Matter’ for Israel”

  1. Steve Says:

    Damn straight!

    It is Israel’s sovereign right to discriminate against it’s Arab citizens. You know, because of the Holocaust and all.



    • discourseincsharpminor Says:

      And we should support their freedom of expression, right? They’re just expressing their freedom by making another people less free.


      • thainjacobs Says:

        Yes, it’s the new policy. Ignore Israel’s transgressions even more than usual in an attempt to pander to the Lobby and Jewish vote leading up to 2012.

        Our relationship with Israel has become a ball and chain around the U.S. They provide nothing of value that outweighs the negatives of the relationship. So they give us some intelligence, so what? It’s probably politicized in an effort to get us to do whatever they want us to do (ie. Iran).

        Who is a real ally? The U.K., France, Germany, Japan. They would NEVER treat us this way. Israel acts like a spoiled child, constantly throwing a tantrum, constantly blaming everyone else for everything, never held to account.


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