Yes She Is!

Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate in Massachusetts. Here is her website.

I will volunteer and knock on doors and make phone calls- whatever it takes- to make Massachusetts blue again.

It’s time to elect a Democrat that is true to progressive, democratic principles and who stands up for the working/middle class.

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6 Comments on “Yes She Is!”

  1. thainjacobs Says:

    Awesome, she rocks!


  2. Pilgrim Says:

    Her website bio, in reference to her teaching law at Harvard, mentions that she has written nine books and more than a hundred articles.

    Reading that, I think of another Harvard alumnus, B. Obama, who seems to have written nearly nothing, no published articles

    ….although he did write those two autobiographies about his own wonderful self before attaining the age of forty-five


    • Carolyn-Rodham Says:

      I just heard Bob Shrum say that Obama’s low approval ratings are related (partly) to “racial backlash.” Here we go…


      • Stacy Says:

        Bob Shrum is an idiot. Honestly, do the democrats have any people going out on the talk shows etc. that aren’t total losers? While I think there is a certain racist element in some of the tea party (not all) but that hardly accounts for even a dent in Obama’s piss poor approval rating and it certainly doesn’t explain why the left is disgusted with him. He’s shown time and time again he puts compromise over principle even if it achieves nothing. The GOP has no respect for him because he doesn’t fight- as much as they hated Bill Clinton they knew he was a force to be reckoned with and he knew when to fight and when to make a deal.


  3. discourseincsharpminor Says:

    I wish I could work or volunteer for her campaign, but I’m not from her state. I don’t make much, but I might donate to her campaign.


    • Stacy Says:

      You should go to her website and sign up for her email alerts and stuff if you haven’t already. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those races that takes on a national significance because of how much the GOP and the banking industry hate her. I’m sure many liberal blogs outside of MA will be trying to get her message out and doing whatever they can for her so even if people don’t live in MA, there are probably ways to help her.


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