Elizabeth Warren Interview with Rachel Maddow

This is from last night. It’s from YouTube and was divided up into two parts, both of which are below. I do think that Warren will generate a lot of national buzz and that she will be able to raise money from states outside of MA. On the flip side, with Warren in the race Scott Brown may benefit from an increase in campaign contributions from big businesses all over the country because of how much they dislike Warren.

Part 1 is more of an intro. where Maddow discusses Scott Brown’s voting record, campaign financing etc. The interview with Warren starts at the end of the fist video and goes into Part 2, which is the rest of the interview.

You gotta love Maddow. Maddow lives in MA when she’s not in NY so she is no doubt interested in this race so we can probably expect to see Warren on her show several times leading up to the election.

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