It’s Nice to Know Australia Also Has Their Own Israel Problem

I guess the endless, pointless, stupor-inducing game “who is more supportive of Israel?” isn’t just an American political distraction.

I’m disappointed in PM Julia Gillard of Australia. She should at least abstain from the UN vote as FM Rudd is suggesting. But it sounds like she may vote against the recognition of Palestinian statehood.

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2 Comments on “It’s Nice to Know Australia Also Has Their Own Israel Problem”

    • Steve Says:

      Israel better take a crash course in diplomacy. Of course they don’t see any connection between what is going on and Israel’s (and the U.S.) full court press to prevent Palestinian statehood at the UN.

      I think Bibi likes this- it plays right into his paranoia that the whole world is against Israel- of course, he thinks it’s all just antisemitism versus, say, Israeli policies/the occupation.


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