Israel LOVES Obama’s Speech at the United Nations

And well they should. After all, the ultimate goal of perpetual occupation, circular negotiations, continued settlement expansion and American protectionism has been achieved. To hear President Obama speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one could be forgiven for thinking that Obama has adopted the philosophy of right-wing Likud.

Israel’s far, far, far-right racist Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, gave President Obama high praise for the speech, which is really all you need to know.

The NYT has a write-up on the speech and naturally they claim that President Obama’s veto strategy at the UN this week is an example of putting American interests first. The best part is, the NYT and most Americans won’t even notice that biased view because the media and our politicians have indoctrinated us into believing that Israeli interests are US interests.

From the NYT:

President Obama declared his opposition to the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood through the Security Council on Wednesday, throwing the weight of the United States directly in the path of the Arab democracy movement even as he hailed what he called the democratic aspirations that have taken hold throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

“Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the U.N.,” Mr. Obama said, in an address before world leaders at the General Assembly. “If it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by now.”

Instead, Mr. Obama said, the international community should continue to push Israelis and Palestinians toward talks on the four intractable “final status” issues that have vexed peace negotiations since 1979: the borders of a Palestinian state, security for Israel, the status of Palestinian refugees who left or were forced to leave their homes in Israel, and the fate of Jerusalem, which both sides claim for their capital.


The Arab Spring quandary, in particular, has been enormously troublesome for Mr. Obama. White House officials say that he has long been keenly aware that he, like no other American president, stood as a potential beacon to the Arab street as the ultimate symbol of the hopes and rewards of democracy. But since he is the president of the United States, he has had to put American interests first.

So apparently “American interests” include denying human rights to Palestinians and squandering whatever little goodwill we have in the region at a time when we are engaged in multiple wars against Muslim nations and the Arab Spring is sweeping the Middle East/North Africa? That’s an interesting take.

How ironic for the President of the United States to hail the pro-democracy protesters standing up for economic and social justice throughout the Arab world while simultaneously exempting the Palestinians from any such formal recognition of rights. I read the full speech and as usual, the US continues to claim that it is only Israel that experiences violence and threats to its security, while the Palestinians just simply want “a state.” The constant indignities, violence, harassment, economic insecurity, land/property theft and subjugation that are part of the day to day lives of Palestinians is meaningless when compared to the death of an Israeli at the hands of a terrorist. The media helps our government promote this view by rarely bothering to trouble us with the ugly day to day reality of life under military occupation.

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One Comment on “Israel LOVES Obama’s Speech at the United Nations”

  1. seamus6 Says:

    I watched the video of his comments on YouTube and was floored. Is this the same guy who spoke so eloquently about the plight of the Palestinians in Cairo and then again during his first speech at the UN.

    Does the US remember that Gandhi’s nonviolence movement was a major thorn in the side of the British and that he and his followers used peaceful civil disobedience and garnered the support of the entire world? Power concedes nothing without demand. The PLO and a good portion of Palestinians have renounced violence and are using the peaceful means at their disposal and what does the US, Europe etc. do? Pisses all over them. Clearly the message Obama wants to send is that the Palestinians should go back to blowing up school buses because it’s the only way to get the US and Israel’s attention since nonviolence is not only not rewarded, but actively punished.


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