Washington Post Editorial Board Urges War with Iran

I’m sure that the WaPo editorial board, not to mention its owners, will be urging their children, nieces, nephews and partners to go enlist in the US military for this latest proposed act of US aggression:

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION pledged that Iran would suffer painful consequences for plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington and for refusing to freeze its nuclear program. Key European allies and Congress — not to mention Israel — are ready for decisive action. But on Monday the administration unveiled another series of half-steps. Sanctions were toughened on Iran’s oil industry, but there was no move to block its exports. The Iranian banking system was designated “a primary money laundering concern,” a step U.S. officials said could prompt banks and companies around the world to cease doing business with the country. But the administration declined to directly sanction the central bank.

The result is that President Obama is not even leading from behind on Iran; he is simply behind.


By now it should be obvious that only regime change will stop the Iranian nuclear program. That means, at a minimum, the departure of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who has repeatedly blocked efforts by other Iranian leaders to talk to the West. Sanctions that stop Iran from exporting oil and importing gasoline could deal a decisive blow to his dictatorship, which already faced an Arab Spring-like popular revolt two years ago. By holding back on such measures, the Obama administration merely makes it more likely that drastic action, such as a military attack, eventually will be taken by Israel, or forced on the United States.

Make no mistake, this is about one thing: Israel. Notice how the neocon editorial board seems to have no problem with the idea that military action is likely necessary to prevent war being “forced on the United States”- that’s because the one country that is capable of forcing the US to unquestioningly do it’s bidding, is Israel. Basically, the neocon reasoning is that the US should go to war with Iran so Israel doesn’t have to.
Apparently the U.S. media, Congress and pretty much everyone else learned absolutely nothing from the fear-mongering, propaganda and outright lies that led to the debacle known as the Iraq War. The fact that we’ve actually lowered the bar for preemptive military action against a sovereign state that has not attacked us, is truly stunning. The U.S. media has done nothing but repeat verbatim every government talking point about the Nazi-like, genocidal threat posed by Iran. And just as with the Iraq War, these courageous cheerleaders for endless war refuse to take into consideration any of the foreseeable consequences of military action against Iran. Of course, when you have no skin in the game it’s easy to promote these aggressive military policies, isn’t it? It’s much easier to send someone else’s kid off to die.

I know, lets propose a draft and then see how many Americans still think Iran is an imminent threat to our national security.

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