We’re All Israelis Now

December 15, 2011


Remember when Israeli PM Netanyahu said the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were good for Israel? Well, here you go.

The culture of endless war, curtailed civil liberties, anti-Muslim bigotry, scapegoating and fear-mongering is now so firmly entrenched in our American consciousness that we no longer question anything so long as someone shouts “terrorist” or “security!” as a justification. We constantly need an enemy on the horizon (think Soviet Union) and if we don’t have one, we’ll make one up (Islamic Caliphate) or at the very least engage in so much needless provocation (endless wars and raping of natural resources) that we will indeed have many enemies to engage for decades to come.

The United States can no longer point to other repressive, secretive countries that use “security” as an excuse to detain, harass and silence its own citizens.

The new defense authorization bill is a disgrace, plain and simple. The Obama administration threatened to veto the bill over provisions regarding indefinite detention of Americans by the U.S. military, but naturally backed off the veto threat once the useless, neoconservative, ethically-challenged Democrats in Congress made some cosmetic changes to the bill which do nothing more than create the illusion of due process or adherence to Constitutional dictates. The only hope is that the portions of the bill dealing with detention of US citizens will be challenged in courts. Of course, these days, the courts are largely useless too.

We have now come full circle after 9/11 and seen the complete Israelification of our domestic security apparatus, not to mention our foreign policy. All the better for Israel, because how can we sit in judgment of their heavy-handed tactics when we adopt very similar ones, largely targeting the very same groups (ie. Muslims). Where are all the anti-Big Government folks? Taxes are wrong but a federal government with limitless power to detain, indefinitely, American citizens without due process or any checks and balances, is ok? Extrajudicial, targeted assassinations of American citizens abroad is ok? There is only one reason why Americans are tolerating this- because we know the people who will be targeted, whether guilty or innocent, will in most cases be Muslim and or Arabs.

Glenn Greenwald has some good commentary about the mentality of endless war here and here.

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3 Comments on “We’re All Israelis Now”

  1. discourseincsharpminor Says:

    The sad part is that this will only be altered in a significant way when/if there’s a “mistake”, i.e. some American citizen is detain for a long period because somebody said they were a national security threat when they were really nothing of the sort.

    Try as I might, I can’t get the phrase “witch hunt” out of my head.

    Welcome back to blogging, by the way. I hope I’m not too late in finding you again.


    • Stacy Says:

      Thank you for the welcome back. Too late? No, I don’t think so. I was out for a long time, came back briefly and then was out and again.

      I think the fact that the media doesn’t question any of these national security policies/bills is part of the reason there is no outrage. Most people just don’t get it.


      • Tandy Says:

        Welcome back! I’m de-lurking. I’ve missed your coverage of the Middle East but hope you are feeling better.

        Obama actually ran an ad criticizing Perry and Romney for discussing aid to Israel in one of the debates last month- Perry and Romney seemed to get confused and implied they were willing to cut aid to Israel. If only they really meant it. For Obama to do this shows just how pathetic he is. There’s a reason Debbie Wasserman Shultz was selected as head of the DNC: her main shtick has been to try to play the Israel card, even going so far as to create a DNC website devoted entirely to ISRAEL!

        I keep waiting for Americans to wake up and ask why the hell we are so focused on one tiny country on the other side of the earth that causes us nothing but headaches.


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